Unscheduled Repairs - Belrina Blastil

Belira BlastilBelira Blastil Map Location

            This is the final partisan quest given to you by Belira Blastil in Gnome Memorial Mountain and one of the easiest. In order to accept this quest you will need to complete both Heroic Adventures from Belira as well as all previous quests from her.

Request Phrase: to be done
Task Type: Solo

1. Defeat Iron Legion enemies for 5 cores (They appear on your cursor)
2. Gather 3 cores from functional gnomelikes and clockworks (Say Belira Blastil would like your core to gnomelike mobs)
3. Deliver all the cores to Tinzenwen Geargoggler
4. Speak with Belira Blastil for the final time

            For this quest you will need to find Iron Legion enemies throughout the zone and defeat them for their Energy Cores. These items will appear on your cursor when you defeat an Iron Legion enemy - not every enemy will give you a core and not every person in your group will get them every time. That said though the drop rate on cores is pretty high.

an iron legion admirera gnomelike charmer

            The next set of Energy Cores come from a gnomelike enemies that you find throughout the zone. There is no fighting involved for this part of the quest unless you're KoS to the Iron Legion or gnome enemies in the zone. All you need to do is run around without invis on and say 'Belira Blastil would like your core' to all of the enemies with "gnomelike" in their name. Easy peasy!

            With all the Energy Cores in hand head up to Tinzenwen Geargobbler who is on one of the higher floors in Gnome Memorial Mountain. If you forget where this guy is use the map below for some extra guidance. Once here hand all of the Energy Cores to him before finally returning to Belira Blastil to complete the quest.

Tinzenwen Map Location


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