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List of all the best Axes in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

This page contains a list of the best Axes that you can obtain in Morrowind. I haven't included any weapons on this page that are custom made with the Enchanting skill - only items that you can find within the game and its expansions. Along with the list on this page you can follow the links below to additional lists for each weapon type and armor type.

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Cleaver of St. Felms

Cleaver of St Felms

The Cleaver of St. Felms is found inside of Tureynulal, a dungeon within the walls of the Ghostfence. Search the Bladder of Clovis area in Tureynulal for the corpse of Mendel Eves and you'll find this axe on his body. During the Tribunal Temple quest line you'll be asked by Uvoo Llaren to retrieve this axe, she will return the axe to you once you've completed the quest though.

How to get the Cleaver of St. Felms

Conoon Chodala's Axe

Conoon Chodalas Axe

Conoon Chodala's Axe is given to you as a reward for speaking with Conoon Chodala during or after The Path of the Incarnate Story Quest. You'll find Conoon Chodala's spirit inside of the Cavern of the Incarnate once you pick up the Moon-and-Star ring. If you forgot to talk to him on this quest and never got the axe -- fear not! Because he'll always be here for you to talk to.

How to get Conoon Chodala's Axe


Cloudcleaver Axe

Cloudcleaver is one of the possible rewards you can get for completing the quest Recovering Cloudcleaver. Just north of the town of Caldera you'll find a naked Nord by the name of Hlormar Wine-Sot who asks you to help him hunt down a witch that stole his axe. Lead Hlormar Wine-Sot to the witch then side with Hlormar and kill her, she drops the axe on death.

Giving the axe back to Hlormar will get you a permanent +2 Strength increase; if you take this reward you can then kill Hlormar and take the axe from his corpse allowing you to walk away with both rewards for this quest.

How to get Cloudcleaver



Widowmaker is another one of the meme weapons in Morrowind that requires you to help a naked Nord find his axe. This time you'll need to speak with Botrir who is found in the northeastern portion of Vvardenfell near Vos and help him with the Widowmaker Side Quest.

Much like with the Cloudcleaver quest, giving the axe back to Botrir will get you a permanent +1 Axe Skill boost. Additionally, much like with Cloudcleaver, you can obtain both rewards by returning the axe to Botrir then either killing him or pick pocketing him after he buffs your Axe Skill.

How to get Widowmaker

Elanande's War Axe

Elanandes War Axe

Elanande's War Axe is one of the weapons added into the game during the Tribunal Expansion Pack. You can find the owner of this weapon, Elanande, in the northwestern portion of the Godsreach district in Mournhold. Since she is found in a town it's recommended you have a method of taunting her to attack you. This will allow you to avoid any criminal penalty for killing her.

How to get Elanande's War Axe

Nordic Axe of Paralysis

Nordic Axe of Paralysis

The Nordic Axe of Paralysis is a unique weapon that is an optional reward for The Frostmoth Smugglers quest in the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack. In order to get this axe as a reward you'll have to agree to let the leader of the bandits live when you find him in the back of the cave.

How to get Nordic Axe of Paralysis