How to get Cleaver of St Felms - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Mendel Eves corpse in Bladde of Clovis

Location: Tureynulal
Requirements: Levitate or Jump buff recommended for navigating terrain inside Ghostfence
Video: Location of the Cleaver of St. Felms

The Cleaver of St. Felms is found inside of Tureynulal, an Ash Vampire lair that resides inside of the Ghostfence. You will be tasked with retrieving this item during the Cleaver of St. Felms Side Quest which is part of the Tribunal Temple quest line. To complete the quest you'll have to give Uvoo Llaren the axe but when you reach the rank of Patriarch you can ask Uvoo for the axe back.

Inside of Tureynulal you'll also find Dagoth Tureynulal who drops the Amulet of Heartthrum, another Artifact item. Dagoth Tureynulal is found near the entrance of this dungeon in the Kagrenac's Library section. As for the Cleaver of St. Felms that we're after - you'll find this weapon in the Bladder of Clovis portion of the dungeon.

Search the body of Mendel Eves in the Bladder of Clovis to find the Cleaver of St. Felms along with a couple pieces of Glass Armor.

Tureynulal Map Location

Cleaver of St Felms