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List of all the best Blunt Weapons in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

This page contains a list of the best Blunt Weapons that you can obtain in Morrowind. If you are looking for information about the best staves in Morrowind you'll find that on a different page, this page only lists weapons that melee fighters would commonly use. You won't find any custom enchanted weapons on this page either, if you'd like to check out my list of the best custom enchanted weapons follow the appropriate link below.

Along with the list on this page you can follow the links below to additional lists for each weapon type and armor type.

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Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer

Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer

The Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer is the most powerful 1h blunt weapon in the game with the downside of it being extremely heavy. You'll receive this item as a reward when you complete The Skaal Test of Loyalty story quest, which is the 5th story quest in the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack.

How to get the Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer


Mace of Molag Bal

Mace of Molag Bal

The Mace of Molag Bal is a unique and easy to get 1h blunt weapon which is given to you as a reward for completing Molag Bal's Quest. You'll get this quest by interacting with the Statue of Molag Bal inside of Yansirramus and you will be tasked with venturing to Kora-Dur and slaying Menta Na inside. Return to the Statue of Molag Bal after you do this to receive the mace as a reward.

How to get the Mace of Molag Bal



Scourge Weapon

Scourge is a unique 1h blunt weapon which you can find inside of a locked chest (lock level 100) in Tel Fyr. The locked chest we need is right in front of Divayth Fyr so you'll need Levitate to reach it. Don't worry about being caught when opening the chest - much like all the locked chests in Tel Fyr Divayth doesn't care if you take what is inside if you're skilled enough to open it.

How to get Scourge


Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher is a powerful and easy to obtain 1h blunt weapon, out of all the available blunt weapons in the game this is my favorite to get for new characters. This mace is found in the Omaren Ancestral Tomb to the east of Sadrith Mora; inside the tomb you'll find another dungeon called the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia which is where Skull Crusher is hiding in a floating chest. You'll need to be able to Levitate and open a lock level of at least 85 but aside from that the dungeon is easy to find and the weapon is pretty easy to obtain.

How to get Skull Crusher


Stendarr's Hammer

Stendarrs Hammer

Stendarr's Hammer is a unique 2h weapon that was added into the game during the Tribunal Expansion Pack. This item can be found in the Museum of Artifacts and is the only item on display without you having to donate it first; you can find it on display on the second floor. As you may have already noticed, this item is by far the heaviest weapon in the entire game and if you plan to steal it you may want a method of fast travel to escape the museum.

How to get Stendarr's Hammer



Sunder Blunt Weapon

Sunder is one of the two ultimate weapons in Morrowind used in the final quest of the game; the other being Keening. You'll find Sunder inside of the Vemynal dungeon, kill Dagoth Vemyn to obtain this weapon. In order for players to use Sunder you'll first need to obtain Wraithguard which allows you to avoid the 50 - 125pt DoT that equipping Sunder puts on you.

How to get Sunder


Veloth's Judgement

Veloths Judgement

Veloth's Judgement is a 2h Hammer with a couple of nice procs that will up your damage by a decent amount. In order to get your hands on this hammer you will need to be the rank of a Curate in the Tribunal Temple; once you're a Curate you'll be able to accept the quest Slay Raxle Berne. You've given Veloth's Judgement along with a couple other items when you accept this quest - completing it is not required.

How to get Veloth's Judgement