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The best sets of Light Armor - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

In Morrowind Light Armor is generally considered to be the best armor skill in the game by players. The reason for this is despite being Light Armor it offers you nearly the same protection as Medium Armor while being lighter to carry. Heavy Armor generally offers you better protection and has more Enchantment Value per piece... However it will take up the majority of your carry capacity just to lug around your armor.

The best set of Light Armor you can get in Morrowind is Glass Armor which has one of the the best ratios in the game of how much protection it offers you compared to how heavy it is. Glass Armor's biggest downside is the fact that each slot has some of the lowest Enchantment Values in the entire game... Those of you who don't plan on doing any Enchanting have nothing to worry about though.

Best Armor Rating Per Slot

Helm: Glass Helmet
Chest: Cuirass of Savior's Hide
Legs: Glass Legs
Boots: Boots of the Apostle
Pauldrons: Glass Pauldrons
Bracers: Glass Bracers
Shield: Glass Tower Shield


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Important: The Armor Ratings you see in my screenshots below may be different for you. The amount of Armor Rating a piece of gear gives you in Morrowind decreases or increases depending on what your skill level is with that armor.


Glass Armor

Thauraver in Sjobal

The best set of Light Armor in Morrowind is without question Glass Armor. Glass has a very high Armor Rating - more than most Medium Armors and it's significantly lighter weight. The only real downside to Glass Armor is it's fragile - as you may have guessed by the name 'Glass' Armor.

Many Morrowind veterans consider Glass Armor to be the best armor in the game. While Heavy Armor offers you slightly more protection than Glass it's usually triple or quadruple the weight; this means you can't carry as much loot and will constantly be making trips back and forth to vendors. If you're a veteran player and you know how to make tons of gold easily this won't be a big deal for you.... for most new players though this will be the most annoying thing in the world.

All in all, I would definitely recommend most players choose Light Armor as their armor specialization and use Glass Armor. Unless you're playing on max difficulty you probably won't even notice the difference between Glass Armor and Daedric Armor in terms of damage you sustain... However you'll definitely notice the difference in weight.

Glass BootsGlass Cuirass
Glass Greaves


Dark Brotherhood Armor

Dark Brotherhood Assassins in Morrowind

There's only one more Light Armor set that I believe is worth mentioning - Dark Brotherhood Armor. The Dark Brotherhood Armor was added into the game during the Tribunal Expansion Pack and is probably the easiest set of armor to acquire in the entire game since the enemies wearing it come to you. Assuming that you haven't yet been to Mournhold you will occasionally get Dark Brotherhood Assassins attacking you when you rest.

Each assassin is typically carrying a powerful/expensive weapon along with a full set of Dark Brotherhood Armor. Once you visit Mournhold for the first time the attacks will stop. For this reason, if you plan to get your hands on a set of Dark Brotherhood Armor you'll want to do it before you travel to Mournhold.

Dark Brotherhood CuirassDark Brotherhood Greaves
Dark Brotherhood Helm