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List of the best Spears in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

This page contains a list of the 2 best Spears that you can obtain in Morrowind along with a little bit of information about each. If you're a Spear user the list of great weapons for you is rather short - aside from these two weapons your only alternative is to create one with Enchanting.

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Spear of Bitter Mercy

Spear of Bitter Mercy in Morrowind

The Spear of Bitter Mercy is a quest reward for completing Sheogorath's Quest, you can begin this quest by interacting with the Statue of Sheogorath in the St. Delyn Canton of Ihinipalit of Vivec. If you're planning on playing a Spear character in this game you'll want to get this item as early as possible.

How to get the Spear of Bitter Mercy


Spear of the Hunter

Spear of the Hunter in Morrowind

Spear of the Hunter is one of the possible rewards for completing the Hircine's Hunt Bloodmoon Story Quest. This quest is the final story quest in the Bloodmoon Expansion Pack and you should expect a challenge while doing it even if you have the difficulty turned down a lot.

How to get Spear of the Hunter