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List of the best Bows in Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

This page contains a list of the best Bows that you can obtain in Morrowind. You will not find custom made weapons with Enchanting on this page, if you'd like to see a list of the best custom made weapons follow the link provided below. Or if you'd like to see the lists I made for any other weapon type click on the link below as well.

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Bow of Shadows

Bow of Shadows

Bow of Shadows is the best unique bow in the entire game and it's pretty easy to get. You can find this item in the Venim Ancestral Tomb, it's sitting on a desk behind a door with a lock level of 100. Despite this being the best unique bow in the game it's still an inferior bow to the Daedric Long Bow in terms of raw damage.

How to get the Bow of Shadows


Auriel's Bow

Auriels Bow

Auriel's Bow has almost the same stats as the Daedric Long Bow but it's harder to get and there is only a single one in the entire game. To get this weapon you'll need to find and defeat Ralyn Othravel in the town of Ghostgate and loot it from his corpse. If you're a member of House Telvanni you'll be tasked with retrieving this bow during the Auriel's Bow quest.

How to get Auriel's Bow


Daedric Long Bow

Daedric Long Bow

The Daedric Long Bow is the best bow that you can get in the game despite being an unechanted weapon. None of the bows with enchantments have as high of an Attack rating as this one and they're all (typically) harder to obtain than this bow. There are a few ways to obtain this bow if you're interested, check out both links below for more information.

How to get Daedric Long Bow

How to complete the Daedric Weapons Quest