Vassir-Didanat Daedric Weapon Side Quest - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Dram Bero in St Olms Canton

Location: Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine & Vivec
Requirements: Able to open a lock level of 50
Video: Vassir-Didanat Daedric Weapon Side Quest

UESP Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine Entry

This side quest is an unmarked quest in Morrowind that lets you get a Daedric Weapon quite easily as early as level 1. At the end of this quest you'll be able to pick which weapon you want out 6 different weapons. Your options are listed below towards the end of this guide.

All you need to do for this quest is to travel to the Vassir-Didanat Ebony Mine to the south of Balmora. Use my screenshot below if you need to see the map location. Entering the mine is all we need to do for this quest, you can immediately turn around and leave after you've done that.

Vassir-Didanat Cave Map Location

Now for picking up the weapon. Return to Balmora and take the Mage Guild Guide to Vivec. You'll find yourself in the Foreign Quarter of Vivec and from here you have to get to the St. Olms Plaza which is to the southeast. If you're unfamiliar with Vivec the Plazas are always ontop of the Cantons (cantons are the large pyramid like things that comprise Vivec).

In the St. Olms Plaza you'll find a building called the St. Olms Haunted Manor, head inside and open the lock level 50 door that leads into the basement. Here is where you'll finally meet Dram Bero who you can tell about the mine in exchange for a Daedric weapon. If you do better with video directions here is a video I made of this whole quest. It'll walk you through where to go and how to get here.

Axe: Daedric Battle Axe
Blunt: Daedric Staff
Longblade: Daedric Katana
Bows: Daedric Longbow
Shortblade: Daedric Wakizashi
Spear: Daedric Spear


Daedric Battle Axe

Daedric Staff

Daedric Katana

Daedric Long Bow

Daedric Wakizashi

Daedric Spear