How to get the Bow of Shadows - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Bow of Shadows on Table

Location: Venim Ancestral Tomb
Requirements: Able to open a lock level of 100
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Bow of Shadows is a powerful Bow Artifact which you can obtain from the Venim Ancestral Tomb north of the Zainab Camp. The fastest way to get here is by taking a boat from Tel Aruhn or Dagon Fel to Tel Mora or better yet to Vos. From either of these locations it's a short run southwest to the tomb.

In order to reach the Bow of Shadows inside of the Venim Ancestral Tomb you'll need to open a door with a lock level of 100; that's the only real obstacle that will be in your way. Otherwise the tomb itself is quite linear, you'll find Goris the Maggot King as well as Luven in the same room as the Bow of Shadows, both these NPCs will attack you when you enter.

Venim Ancestral Tomb Map Location


Bow of Shadows