Cuirass of the Saviour's Hide Location - Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Cuirass of the Saviors Hide Location

Location: Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr
Requirements: Able to open a lock level of 100 and have Levitate
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The Cuirass of Saviour's Hide is the best chest piece of Light Armor in Morrowind and it can be easily obtained from Tel Fyr, a location you'll be visiting during the main story. Tel Fyr is located southwest of Sadrith Mora, a town on the eastern end of the world map. You'll find the Cuirass of Saviour's Hide in the same part of Tel Fyr that Divayth Fyr is in, the same NPC you'll need to talk to for the main quest Corprus Cure.

After using Levitate to float up to the portion of Tel Fyr with Divayth you'll want to turn to the east which is where you'll find the Cuirass of Saviour's Hide in a locked closet. To reach the Cuirass you'll need to be able to open a lock level of 100, despite it being in a locked closet though it won't count as a stolen item. Divayth doesn't care if you steal the items he's put in locked chests - those items are there for anyone capable enough of stealing them.

Note: In this same area you'll find the Scourge Artifact which is a strong 1h Blunt Weapon.

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Cuirass of the Saviors Hide in Morrowind