Diablo 2 Quest Walkthroughs

Diablo 2 Quest Walkthroughs

This page contains walkthroughs for every available quest in Diablo 2 along with a list of quests that give you permanent rewards that you definitely don't want to miss. Each quest on this page is sorted by Act and listed in the same order that they appear ingame. To learn more about a specific quest simply click on the link below.


Quests That Give Permanent rewards

Larzuk's Quest in Act 5 (Add Sockets)


Act 1 Quests
1. Den of Evil
2. Sisters' Burial Grounds
3. The Search for Cain
4. The Forgotten Tower
5. Tools of the Trade
6. Sister's to the Slaughter

Act 2 Quests
1. Radament's Lair
2. The Horadric Staff
3. Tainted Sun
4. Arcane Sanctuary
5. The Summoner
6. The Seven Tombs

Act 3 Quests
1. The Golden Bird
2. Blade of the Old Religion
3. Khalim's Will
4. Lam Esen's Tome
5. The Blackened Temple
6. The Guardian

Act 4 Quests
1. The Fallen Angel
2. Hell's Forge
3. Terror's End

Act 5 Quests
1. Siege on Harrogath
2. Rescue on Mount Arreat
3. Prison of Ice
4. Betrayal of Harrogath
5. Rite of Passage
6. Eve of Destruction