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Act 3 Quest 2: Blade of the Old Religion - Diablo 2

Gidbinn Altar

Quest Location: Flayer Jungle
Quest NPC: Asheara & Ormus
Quest Goal: Obtain The Gidbinn and return it to Ormus
Reward: Free Iron Wolf (Merc Hire) and a Rare ring from Ormus
Flag: N/A

The Blade of the Old Religion quest begins when you enter the Flayer Jungle or shortly after completing Act 3 Quest 1: The Golden Bird. For this quest all you need to do is head over to the Gidbinn altar in the Flayer Jungle and inspect it. A unique Flayer will spawn that drops the Gidbinn when you defeat it.

You can easily locate the Gidbinn altar by looking at your map, in the screenshot below I circle what the Gidbinn altar looks like on the map. As you can see it has its own unique marking that appears when you get in the general area of it. Something worth noting too is that the Gidbinn altar is always nearby the Flayer Dungeon which is part of Act 3 Quest 2: Khalim's Will.

The Gidbinn altar icon on the map
The Gidbinn Altar icon on the map.

Once you've obtained The Gidbinn return to town and speak with Ormus. He'll send you to Asheara next who will let you hire an Iron Wolf for free and tell you to go speak to Ormus one more time who will give you a Rare ring for completing the quest. Ormus is the final person you have to speak with to complete the quest.

The Gidbinn on the ground
The Gidbinn on the ground after taking out the Unique Flayer.



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