Larzuk Add Socket Quest Reward - Diablo 2

Larzuk Add Sockets

In the town of Harrogath you'll find an NPC by the name of Larzuk that will add Sockets to an item of your choice once you complete Act 5 Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath. This is one of the more unique permanent rewards available to players for completing a quest in Diablo 2.

Any Set (Green), Unique (Brown) or Rare (Yellow/Gold) item you give to Larzuk to Socket will only (and always) receive a single socket. You can only add a single socket to these items and the quest isn't repeatable to add additional sockets. Magic (Blue) items will receive either 1 or 2 sockets, the chance is 50/50. White and Gray items are given the maximum amount of sockets that the item can have.

You can check the amount of sockets certain items have by quickly googling it or by using Arreat Summit. I personally don't like this website for determining sockets though, I use diablo.fandom - however they don't have any good index/navigation pages that list all of the items.

Below I have included a succinct list of how the Socketing quest works, I find 'quick lists' of information are usually better than paragraph format.


How Larzuk's Add Socket Works:

- White/Gray Items are given the maximum amount of sockets the item can have

- Magic Items (Blue) are given 1 or 2 sockets

- Unique Items (Brown) are given 1 socket

- Set Items (Green) are given 1 socket

- Rare Items (Yellow/Gold) are given 1 socket




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