Act 3 Quest 1: The Golden Bird - Diablo 2

A Jade Figurine Drop on Ground

Quest Location: Spider Forest
Quest NPC: Any Unique
Quest Goal: Show the Jade Figurine to Cain, Meshif and Alkor
Reward: Potion of Life (+20 Life permanently)
Flag: N/A

This quest starts when you kill a Unique enemy in Spider Forest that drops the Jade Figurine. All you have to do for this quest is pick up the Jade Figurine and show it to a few people in town. Speak with Alkor twice at the end of the quest to receive the Potion of Life reward which is one of the permanent character upgrades you get as a quest reward in this game.

Regardless of how many people in your game/group need this item only 1 will drop per Unique enemy that you kill. The upside to this is that so long as the person who loots the Jade Figurine completes the quest in this game everyone can get the Potion of Life reward. Once the person turns in the Figurine to Alkor everyone in your group will be able to speak with Alkor to accept the Potion of Life reward.

Note: While this quest is not required to complete the game, it gives you a Potion of Life grants your character +20 Life permanently. For more information about quests like these that give permanent rewards follow the link provided.


Potion of Life



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