Act V Quest 5: Rite of Passage - Diablo 2

Altar of the Heavens on Arreat Summit

Quest Location: Arreat Summit
Quest NPC: Qual-Kehk
Quest Goal: Defeat Madawc, Talic and Korlic without leaving Arreat Summit
Reward: 1 Full Level of EXP
Flag: Entry into Worldstone Keep & Throne of Destruction

This quest begins the moment you step foot onto Arreat Summit or after you complete Act V Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath and speak with Qual-Kehk. All you have to do for this quest is examine the Altar of the Heavens ontop of Arreat Summit and defeat the three Super Unique enemies that spawn without leaving the summit (or opening a Town Portal).

Completing this quest will reward players with 1 full level of EXP as well as access to the Worldstone Keep (and its Waypoint) which is where you can find Baal. Until you complete this quest you'll be unable to access Worldstone Keep by TP or any other means.

For the most part these Barbarians are easy enough to take out when you're playing on Normal or Nightmare but on Hell they may give single players a run for their money. Below you'll find some strategies that will help you when it comes to dealing with these bosses.

Madawc the Guardian: Uses Double Throw & Shout

Talic the Defender: Uses Whirlwind

Korlic the Protector: Uses Leap

Rite of Passage Barbarian Fight

The best strategy is to usually separate Madawc from the group by pulling all three Barbarians to the entrance of Worldstone Keep (pictured above) and for you to try and get Madawc behind a pillar, kinda sorta like he is above. When this happens I wait until he starts throwing his axes at me then I Teleport (or run) directly away from him to the opposite side of the summit. Sometimes you can get him stuck behind the pillar and break agro on him then you just have to deal with two instead of three.

If you are a class with Teleport or someone with an Enigma it's much easier to break agro on Madawc since when you Teleport across the summit you break agro on all three Barbarians very easily. When this happens you'll want to slowly inch toward the center until you see Talic and Korlic start running down toward you, Teleport back to safety and let them come all the way down, Madawc will stay at the far side stuck by the pillar.

Additional Tips:

- Before starting the fight return to town and buy a ton of potions. Drop them in clusters on Arreat Summit that way during the fight you can run over to that cluster of potions and pick them up.

- If you get bad Immunities on any of the bosses open a Town Portal/leave the summit to reset them. Their affixes will change each time you reset the encounter.

Last but not least it is worth mentioning that the Assassin Cloak of Shadow skill will crash the game if you use it ontop of Arreat Summit during this right. If you don't believe me here is one post about it and here is another more recently from reddit. If you have an Assassin in your group, it'll crash you even as the Host - this happened to me a few times and that's what lead me to discovering this bug.





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