Quests That Give Permanent Bonuses - Diablo 2

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There are a few quests in Diablo 2 that give you permanent rewards in the form of Health, Resistances or Skill Points. For obvious reasons you'll want to do these quests on each difficulty so you can get all of the permanent rewards for your character. Every quest that gives you a permanent reward is mentioned on this page so you know exactly which quests to do!

Keep in mind that you can do each of these quests once per difficulty (so a total of 3 times). Out of all the quests mentioned below, the ones that give Skill Points are by far the most important ones for you to complete immediately as they give you the biggest passive benefits.


Act 1 Quest 1: Den of Evil (1 Skill Point + 1 Free Respecs)

Act 1 Quest 5: Tools of the Trade (Imbue an item of your choosing for free)

Act 2 Quest 1: Radament's Lair (Book of Skill + 10% Shopping Discount)

Act 3 Quest 1: The Golden Bird (Potion of Life +20 Health)

Act 3 Quest 4: Lam Esen's Tome (+5 Attribute Points)

Act 4 Quest 1: The Fallen Angel (+2 Skill Points)

Act 5 Quest 1: Siege on Harrogath (Add Sockets to an item)

Act 5 Quest 3: Prison of Ice (Scroll of Resistance; +10 to All Resist)

(Optional) Act 5 Quest 4: Betrayal of Harrogath (Personalize an item)



Book of Skill


Potion of Life