Journey to the Jade Palace - Act 3 Story Quest

Journey to the Jade Palace Quest Start

Journey to the Jade Palace is the 3rd main quest in Act 3 of Titan Quest and begins immediately after you complete the Hunt for the Sickle quest. For this quest you will need to journey to the Jade Palace and speak with the Yellow Emperor here. To reach the Jade Palace you will want to go south out of Chang'an until you reach the Village of Binxan.

Side Quests In Area:

The Emperor's Clay Soldiers (City of Chang'an) (2 Attribute Points)
Terra Cottas At Large (City of Chang'an)
A General in Repose (Quinba Bamboo Forest)

On your way to the Village of Binxan you'll pass by the A General in Repose Side Quest which is worth mentioning since in the same cave it takes place you'll find a Dragon Liche on Epic and Legendary difficulties. The Dragon Liche is one of the rare bosses in Titan Quest and is one of the more popular farming locations in the game. Check out my Act 3 Dragon Liche Farming Guide for more information about him.

There is also a Portal for you to grab in the Village of Binxan (pictured below) and it's called the Jade Palace Portal, for whatever reason. In between the Village of Binxan and The Jade Palace there will be a few more quests that are available for you to complete.

Village of Binxan Jade Palace Portal

Side Quests In Area:

Behind the Waterfall (Jinghe River Valley)
The Hermit Mage (Village of Binxan)
Three Sisters (Qiyun Ascent / Jinghe Wetlands)

Just before The Jade Palace while you're climbing up Mount Qiyun you'll have to fight a boar by the name of Yaoguai (pictured below). This boar is well known as one of the more frustrating bosses in the game because it deals very heavy Bleeding Damage and most people have almost no protection against Bleeding since almost no enemies in the game do that type of damage.

Yaoguai Ancient Demon Bull Act 3 Boss

Yaoguai can be an extremely annoying boss if you're unprepared prior to fighting him. For this fight it's extremely important that you have some Fire and Bleeding Resistance since those are the two primary forms of damage he'll deal. Many people like to carry around a Harness of Valholl Monster Infrequent from Act 5 since it comes with a ton of Bleeding Resist just for this fight. In Titan Quest it isn't uncommon for you to have to carry around a piece of gear or two that you can swap to when you encounter bosses like this.

As for the fight with Yaoguai himself, let's take a look at the abilities he uses:

Charge: Much like Shield Charge (Defense) he'll bull rush you and deal a lot of Physical Damage if he hits you. If you're moving when he begins his charge most likely it will miss you.

Ring of Flame: He stomps the ground and creates a blast wave of fire that does an insane amount of damage to anything caught in the blast. If you don't have high Fire Resistance on Legendary difficulty this ability can do upwards of 20k damage in a second to you.

Gore: Yaoguai will do some sporadic movements prior to hitting everyone around him with heavy Physical and Bleed damage. Much like Ring of Flame if you lack good Bleeding Resistance this ability will deal upwards of 10k damage to you in a single second.

Summon Shadowstalkers: He will summon small Shadowstalker adds to aid him in battle.

Once you've defeated Yaoguai continue across the bridge to The Jade Palace and speak with The Yellow Emperor inside to complete the quest. This will also begin the penultimate quest of Act 3, Under Wusao Mountain.

The Jade Palace EntranceThe Yellow Emperor in Jade Palace