Behind The Waterfall - Act 3 Side Quest

Behind the Waterfall Quest Start

Start Location: Jinghe River Valley
Quest Location: Cave in Jinghe River Valley
Objective: Defeat the shades inside of the cave

Behind The Waterfall is a Side Quest available during Act 3 by speaking with Liu Xu in the Jinghe River Valley. You technically only need to speak with him to turn this quest in, you can defeat the enemies in the cave first then come talk to Liu Xu and pick up/turn in the quest all at once.

For this quest you will need to go into the cave west of Liu Xu on the otherside of Jinghe River Valley. In this cave you'll find a pack of undead enemies that you need to defeat in order to complete the quest. The enemies you need to defeat will have purple names and a white aura around their bodies, this is the same for all quest enemies in Titan Quest.

Behind the waterfall shades in cave
Shades in the cave for Behind the Waterfall quest.

Behind the Waterfall Map Locations