The Emperors Clay Soldiers - Act 3 Side Quest

The Emperors Clay Soldiers Quest Start

Start Location: City of Chang'an
Quest Location: Chang'an Mausoleum
Objective: Defeat Bandari in the Chang'an Mausoleum and speak to the Spirit of the Great Emperor
Reward: 2 Attribute Points + EXP

The Emperor's Clay Soldiers is a Side Quest which you can pick up from Ma Feibei in the City of Chang'an (pictured above). For this quest you will need to go to Chang'an Palace north of the City of Chang'an and defeat Bandari - Terra Cotta Sorcerer, a named undead enemy who is responsible for the chaos being caused. You can find a strategy for defeating Bandari below.

Defeat Bandari and speak with the Spirit of the Great Emperor to receive your 2 Attribute Points. To get the Amulet, Gold and EXP you'll want to return to Ma Feibei in Chang'an and speak with him. Since this quest is one of few that offers you a permanent reward it's one you'll never want to skip on each play through.

Note: In older versions of the game if you leave Chang'an Palace prior to speaking with the Spirit of the Great Emperor you'll lose out on the 2 Attribute Points. For the Anniversary Edition of the game if you leave the Chang'an Palace without talking to the Spirit then you'll automatically receive the 2 Attribute Points the next time you log into the game.

Bandari The Emperors Clay Soldiers

Bandari Strategy: This boss can be quite hard depending on the build you're currently using and gear. First and foremost you'll want to focus on taking out the waves of Terra Cotta soldiers Bandari sends at you, Bandari will keep teleporting further back towards the throne each time you defeat a few waves of Terra Cotta soldiers. Once you get him to the throne he'll stand his ground and fight you. Don't underestimate the Terra Cotta soldiers as they do an insane amount of melee damage.

The worst attack Bandari will throw at you is the Eruption he creates on the ground. You'll definitely want to dodge this since the amount of damage it does is pretty high. Aside from that his staff attack can be eaten if you have enough Vitality resistance.

The Emperors Clay Soldiers