A General In Repose - Act 3 Side Quest

Start Location: Quinba Bamboo Forest
Quest Location: Cave in Quinba Bamboo Forest
Objective: Enter the nearby cave and find the 3 Mahogany Chests inside

A General In Repose Side Quest begins by speaking with Rang Ju twice in the Quinba Bamboo Forest (pictured above). If you need help locating Rang Ju use my screenshot above or the map screenshot of the entire area below. For this quest you will need to go into one of the two cave entrances south of Rang Ju and find the 3 Mahogany Chests in the back of the cave.

Both cave entrances will lead you to these 3 chests so it doesn't matter which of the two you take. Once you approach the area with the 3 Mahogany Chests the quest will automatically complete and you'll get your reward, that's all there is to this quest.

Note: There is a cave exit nearby the Mahogany Chests that will lead you to the Dragon Liche. He is an optional boss that only appears on Epic and Legendary difficulties. It can be a very tough fight depending on your current resistances and whether or not you do good against Undead enemies. This boss is one of the more popular farming locations in the game. For more information check out my Dragon Liche Farming Guide.

A General in repose mahogany chests
Stand where I am in the screenshot above to complete A General In Repose.

A General In Repose Map Locations