The Hermit Mage - Act 3 Side Quest

The Hermit Mage Quest Start

Start Location: Village of Binxan
Quest Location: Jinghe River Valley
Objective: Get near the 3 Mahogany Chests in Jinghe River Valley

The Hermit Mage is a Side Quest which begins in the Village of Binxan by speaking with Xiao Yishan (pictured above). For this quest you will need to visit a destroyed building in the Jinghe River Valley (pictured below) in order to complete it. You'll find this building in the southern most portion of Jinghe River Valley due south of Qiyun Ascent.

Once you step inside of the burned building with the 3 Mahogany Chests the quest will automatically complete.

The Hermit Mage Burned House
Stand in this location to complete The Hermit Mage Side Quest.

The Hermit Mage Map Locations