Hunt for the Sickle - Act 3 Story Quest

Hunt for the Sickle Quest Start

The Hunt for the Sickle is the second primary quest of Act 3 and is given to you immediately after you complete The Sickle of Kronos (Act 3) quest. For this quest you will need to travel across much of Act 3 until you reach Chang'an which is where this quest will finally complete. There will be multiple NPCs along the way that you can speak to and update this quest but none of it is required.

All you need to do in order to complete this quest is to speak with Feiyan in the City of Chang'an. For the most part during this first half of Act 3 you'll be focusing primarily on all of the different Side Quests that you come across. Below is a list of all the Side Quests you'll pass by between where we are now and Chang'an.

Side Quests In Area:

The Seeds of Destruction (Babylon Outskirts)
A Gargantuan Yeti (Shangshung Village) (+100% Health for pets)
Mystery in the Mountains (Shangshung Village)
Caravan in Trouble (Natu La Ridge)
The Child and the Raptor (Village of Guanzhong)
Peng Problems (The Great Wall)
Stalker in the Woods (Village of Zhidan)
The Wealthy Collector (Village of Zhidan)
A Lesson in Despair (Jingyang Woods)

Once you are in the City of Chang'an you will want to speak with Feiyan to complete this quest. Completing this quest will automatically start the next one in the chain, Journey to the Jade Palace.