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Dragon Quest 6 Walkthrough - Chapter 6

Amor in the Dream World
Amor in the Dream World.

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you recruit Healie the optional character Healslime to your party. Having another healer with you in your Wagon at all times will mean you can clear much more of a dungeon without having to return to an Inn to rest.

Prior to continuing with the game's story I am going to go over a lot of the optional stuff that is currently available. If you'd like to continue with the story skip to the middle of this page when I am finished with the optional content. When you're ready, fly over to the town of Amor in the Dream World (it's just a tad bit southwest of Somnia Castle) using the Flying Bed. Just outside the church in the middle of town you'll witness a scene of two kids burying an item (pictured below).

Return to Amor in the Real World and dig the item up right where you seen them bury it, you'll receive the Meteorite Bracer which doubles the Agility of whomever wears it. What makes this so great is that person almost always attacks first with this equipped during battle. Put it on your Healer and you'll always heal before the enemy attacks.

Meteorite Bracer Being BuriedMeteorite Bracer Obtained

Dream World Optional Treasure Locations

Now there are a bunch more optional things we can do at this point in time, all of which I will go over here. In the screenshot above you'll see numbers placed on the World Map, each location marks a place you can fly in the Dream World by using the Flying Bed. Basically every location has a Mini Medal and some have additional rewards.

#0 If you didn't already obtain the Mini Medal from Matt's room in Clearvale (Real World)

#1 Cave with a Mini Medal inside and Medicinal Herb

#2 Well with a Mini Medal inside of it and 3700G in a treasure chest

#3 Building with a Mini Medal inside of it

#4 There is a building on this island with another Mini Medal inside of it

#5 You'll find a lone hut here with a Mini Medal inside.

#6 Small island with a Mini Medal on it and a locked door that only the Ultimate Key will open

#7 There is a Well right here with a building inside of it with a drawer that contains this Mini Medal. In addition to the Mini Medal you'll find another well inside of this well...... as well (I couldn't resist). Take this well to the Real World and you'll find yourself in a new area, with Castle Swanstone in the south east. This is where we'll be going when you're ready to advance the story. You'll find 3 more Mini Medals in Castle Swanstone too and one in the well north of Castle Swanstone, inside of the dresser.

Well to Castle Swanstone Map Location
(#7) The well that I am standing in front of is the one you'll want to take to reach Castle Swanstone.

#8 You can land the Flying Bed a bit northwest of the church along the coastline. There is a Mini Medal and Seed of Resilience to be found here in the dressers

#9 Well to Dullerton (Real World). There are a lot of treasures to find in this town, Seed of Wisdom, Pretty Betsy, Seed of Resilience and a Mini Medal

#10 Stairs to the Real World which leads you to a Shrine with a Mini Medal to the north of a town, Turnscote. Stop by Turnscote and grab the Zoom point for convenience later, although you'll be kicked out of town immediately when you enter.

Don't forget if you haven't already done the previous side quests that are available you can do them now. Here is a list of every currently available side quest (including what is on this page):

Kidnapping in Wellshire (Level 10)

Magic Key Locked Doors

Mini Medals & Medford's Manor

Amos Optional Party Member

Goober Optional Party Member

Goowain Optional Party Member

Healie Optional Party Member

The only other thing that I am going to go out of my way to tell you to do is visit Medford's Manor and turn in the Mini Medals you currently have for some rewards. To learn all you need to know about where to find it and what your rewards are go over to my Mini Medal Side Quest Guide.

When you're finished everything you want to do above and you're ready to continue with the story, Zoom over to Castle Swanstone in the Real World. Alternatively if you never visited it in the optional list above, you're going to want to go to the Well south of Amor in the Real World. Use my screenshot above if you're having trouble locating it, both screenshots show the exact location.

In Castle Swanstone you'll have to do a few things to complete the story objectives here. They are, in list format...

1. Speak with the Chancellor in the throne room to gain access to the basement area
2. Go to the basement and speak with the King
3. Return to the throne room and speak with the King
4. Use Ra's Mirror in front of the Princess
5. Once again, return to the King in the throne room and speak with him

The next location we need to visit is Spiegelspire, a tower on the southern continent surrounded by a desert in the Dream World. You can easily ride the Flying Bed here and even Zoom here once you've discovered it.

Spiegelspire on World Map

In order to open the doors of the Spiegelspire you'll need to use Peep while standing in front of them. For right now the staircase you'll want to go up is the bottom left one; use your L and R buttons for this dungeon to spin your camera around as it's required for navigation. There is a Mini Medal for you to find in this tower as well as 1300G and a Magic Water in a pot next to the boss at the top.

When you get to the part of the dungeon where it opens up to an outside ledge (pictured below; left) use L and R to navigate around without falling off. Other than that, the path to Spiegel is quite linear and straight forward. When you reach the top smash the pot next to him for the Magic Water then talk to him to start a boss fight.

Spiegelspire how to reach top floorSpiegel Boss Fight

Spiegel can be a really difficult or really easy fight depending on what abilities he wants to use. Kasizzle as well as him summoning enemies to help him are very bad. I'd recommend you bring two healers and make sure one of them is Nevan (alternatively give the Staff of Ghent to your Hero or whomever else you bring; leave Carver as one of your primary damage dealers).

With Nevan you'll want to use Poof on Spiegel every round because he likes to use Bound with one of his two turns each round. Poof will cancel out Bound and make Spiegel waste a turn every single round recasting it; this will result in him doing significantly less damage.

Once Spiegel is dead you will want to return to Swanstone in the real world and speak with the King. He'll take you to the Princess whom you can now free; go through the dialogue then return to him in the throne room for the final time and he'll give you the Floodgate Key.

Floodgate Key Obtained




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