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How to Recruit Healie - Dragon Quest 6

Healie Dragon Quest 6

Healie is another optional party member in Dragon Quest 6 and can be obtained after you complete the Destiny's Drop dungeon and acquire the Flying Bed in Clearvale. This all happens during Chapter 5 of my Walkthrough for the game, if you'd like to see which part of the game this is.

Note: He is not available in the SNES (original release) of the game; only in the DS and Mobile remakes are you able to recruit him to your party.

Once you've acquired the Flying Bed you'll be able to find Healie in the town of Clearvale, specifically the Dream World version of Clearvale. Healie is found just behind the armor shop, if you're having trouble locating him use the L and R buttons to spin the camera.

Even if you don't plan to use Healie as a part of your combat team he is still one of the best characters to recruit to your team because even in the Wagon he can still heal your team. I recommend the Sage specialization for him, which means maxing out both Priest and Mage classes.

Clearvale in Dream World






Vocation Permanent Rewards

These are the passive & permanent rewards that you will get when mastering a Vocation. You'll keep these boosts even when switching to a different Vocation. Once you reach level 5 in every Vocation you'll receive a Gospel Ring from the priest in Alltrades Abbey as well which will allow you to avoid encounters. You do not need to reach level 5 in every Vocation on 1 character, it can be done on multiple characters.

Gladiator: +20 Strength

Armamentalist: +20 MP

Paladin: +20 HP

Sage: +20 MP

Ranger: +20 Agility

Luminary: +15 Style (or 20)

Hero: +40 MP

Dragon: +20 Strength

Liquid Metal Slime: +100 HP