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Magic Key Locked Door Locations - Dragon Quest 6

Magic Key Obtained

For anyone unfamiliar with the Dragon Quest series, the Magic Key is a recurring item in the series that allows players to open a specific type of locked door throughout the world. The majority of doors that it opens are optional and lead to useful or rare items that you cant otherwise obtain.

You obtain the Magic Key by speaking with the King of Howcastle any time after taking the prince through the ritual in the cave to the south. I cover this part of the game in Chapter 5 of my Walkthrough, incase you've forgotten or don't know if you've done it yet. After helping Prince Howard and resting at the castle the next morning speak to the King and he'll give you the Magic Key.


#1 Howcastle (Real World) Magic Key Door

Howcastle Magic Key Door

Items: Mini Medal & Optional Character Goowain

The first of the Magic Key doors is in Howcastle, right where you obtain the key! Return to Prince Howard's room (go into the basement and take the northwestern most staircase) and exit this room to the south through the locked door. You will find yourself in the Howcastle courtyard, the Mini Medal is glowing on the ground to the left of Goowain. Speak with Goowain and say 'Yes' to both of his questions to get him to join you.


#2 Arkbolt (Real World) Magic Key Door

Arkbolt Magic Key Door

Items: Mini Medal & Poison Needle

To find this Magic Key door go to the throne room in Arkbolt Castle. While you're standing in front of the door to the Throne Room turn to the right and go across the narrow walkway and down the stairs in the upper right hand corner. You'll find the Magic Key door in this room.


#3 Turnscote (Real World) Magic Key Door

Turnscote Magic Key Door

Items: Seed of Life & Seed of Wisdom

You can find this Magic Key Door in the same building you originally find Mo in when doing the Turnscote part of the story. If you've forgotten which building that is, in the northeastern most portion of town, the second building down from the top is the one where this door is.


#4 Despairia (Dread World) Magic Key Door

Despairia Magic Key Door Location

Items: Seed of Resilience & Old Pipe

The final Magic Key door in the game is found in Despairia, the first town you come across in the Dread World. Go down the stairs in the broken building just south of the graveyard and you'll find an old man down here as well as some pots to smash. The old man will give you the Old Pipe which is required for story progression.