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Kidnapping in Wellshire Side Quest Guide - Dragon Quest 6

House north of Wellshire

You can begin this side quest at any point after Madame Luca makes you visible in the Real World (part of my Walkthrough Chapter 2). If you don't have the Wellshire Zoom point then while you are in the Real World, Zoom over to the destroyed Alltrades Abbey and go into the well on the basement floor to be transported to the other world.

Zoom to Haggleton and fall through the hole where you met Cliff earlier in the game, you'll be right next to Wellshire. In the northeastern most building you'll find the mayor who will inform you that his daughter has been kidnapped, this will begin the quest for you.

For this quest you have four different possible outcomes, the best one is for you to pay the 5000G ransom then tell the Mayor you did not pay. You'll receive a Prayer Ring and a Seed of Life if you choose this option. Choosing not to pay will result in a boss fight with Bigg and Liddle.

Accept to Pay 5,000G Ransom
Tell Mayor you paid: Receive 5,000G and Seed of Life
Tell Mayor you didn't pay: Receive Prayer Ring and a Seed of Life (speak to the Mayor again in town)


Deny Paying 5,000G Ransom
Tell Mayor you paid: Your reward is 5,000G
Tell Mayor you didn't pay: Receive Seed of Life

Pay Ransom or Dont DQ6Boss Fight with Bigg and Liddle

These two kidnappers are an exceptionally easy fight, I recommend you focus entirely on Liddle first otherwise he'll just spam Medicinal Herbs. After the battle (or after you pay) the Mayor will arrive at the building and take his daughter with him back to Wellshire. You'll have to return to Wellshire for your reward depending on which option you chose with the Kidnappers.

Whatever your choice may be, that's all there is to this side quest!

Note: If you need to return to the "Real World" and you've forgotten how to get there; go northwest of Haggleton to the same location where you saved Cliff earlier in the game. Jump off here and you'll fall back down to the "Real World".




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