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Amos Optional Character Guide - Dragon Quest 6

Scrimsley Map Location

Amos is the first optional character that you can recruit to your party in Dragon Quest V; to find him you'll want to go to the village of Scrimsley which is east of Ghent (in the Real World). Sail east of Ghent following the shore until you find a signpost, north of that signpost is Scrimsley. If you're still having trouble locating it use my screenshot above.

You'll find Amos in the northwestern most building of town, dressed in a full suit of armor and currently sick in his bed. Talk to him to trigger this side quest then head over to the Inn. When trying to spend the night here the Innkeeper will refuse you initially, argue with him and he will eventually let you stay in town.

During the night you will wake up to some very loud banging, go to the ceiling of the Inn and you'll see a big purple monster rampaging through the center of town (pictured below).

Monster in Scrimsley

Important: Don't talk to Amos and tell him he is a monster or you will not be able to recruit him to your party.

After you beat this monster in a fight speak with the Innkeeper in the morning to learn what is going on. You'll need to speak with the old woman in the southwestern most house in town to learn what you have to do next. To fix Amos you'll need to bring him the Seeds of Reason from Hazy Heights, which is our next destination.

You'll find Hazy Heights northeast of Scrimsley, it's a short walk and easy to locate. The item we're after in Hazy Heights is found at the top of the dungeon, interact with the plant up here and then search the ground a tad bit northwest of it to find the Seeds of Reason.

With this item in hand return to Scrimsley and speak with Amos again. Give him the Seeds of Reason, he'll thank you and then join your party.

Seeds of Reason ObtainedAmos Asks to Join Your Party




Vocation Permanent Rewards

These are the passive & permanent rewards that you will get when mastering a Vocation. You'll keep these boosts even when switching to a different Vocation. Once you reach level 5 in every Vocation you'll receive a Gospel Ring from the priest in Alltrades Abbey as well which will allow you to avoid encounters. You do not need to reach level 5 in every Vocation on 1 character, it can be done on multiple characters.

Gladiator: +20 Strength

Armamentalist: +20 MP

Paladin: +20 HP

Sage: +20 MP

Ranger: +20 Agility

Luminary: +15 Style (or 20)

Hero: +40 MP

Dragon: +20 Strength

Liquid Metal Slime: +100 HP