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This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Zelda A Link to the Past. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

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FluteThe Flute & Fast Travel

Flute Boy Location

You can begin the short side quest to acquire the Flute from the woods nearby the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World. It's a short quest that has you travel back and forth between the Light and Dark World a few times and dig in the meadow area to acquire the Flute.

Once you have the Flute and try handing it to the guy standing on the log you'll need to play it in front of the weathercock in Kakariko Village to activate fast travel. With the fast travel activated you can play the Flute anywhere you want in the Light World and the bird will come and pick you up - offering to take you to 1 of 8 different locations.

More Information on how to Acquire the Flute & Fast Travel

Magic BottleMagic Bottles Locations & Information

In the Zelda series Magic Bottles are generally used to carry around useful items with you. Fairies that heal you or resurrect you upon death, potions to heal yourself or restore Magic and sometimes items for quests or items used to defeat enemies. There are four Magic Bottles for you to collect in A Link to the Past.

Magic BottleFirst Magic Bottle: Purchase from the Bottle Salesman in Kakariko Village for 100 Rupees.

Magic BottleSecond Magic Bottle: From a chest you can reach by entering the back door of the Inn/bar in Kakariko Village.

Magic BottleThird Magic Bottle: Located under the southern bridge to Hyrule Castle. You need the Zora's Flippers to reach it.

Magic BottleFourth Magic Bottle: The Fourth Magic Bottle can be acquired after you get the Tempered Sword and have the Titan's Mitts. It requires you to bring a chest you find in the Dark World to a thief in the Light World to pick the lock.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on the Magic Bottles

Bomb CapacityArrow CapacityBomb & Arrow Storage Capacity Upgrades

Pond of Happiness Map Location

In order to increase the maximum bombs and arrows Link can carry you must visit the Pond of Happiness located on Hyrule Lake. In order to reach the small island that the cave is located on you'll need to first have acquired the Zora's Flippers. You have to toss in 100 Rupees per storage capacity upgrade.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on the Pond of Happiness

Magic Meter Upgrade (Halves Magic Cost)

Magic Meter UpgradeMagic Meter Upgrade Location on map

After you acquire the Magic Hammer and Magic Powder you'll be able to complete a short side quest that allows you to decrease the cost of all your abilities/items that consume Magic by half. The Magic Powder can be acquired early on in the game by bringing a Mushroom from the Lost Woods to the old hag. The Magic Hammer is acquired from the first dungeon in Dark World.

This is an extremely important upgrade for you to get as it'll increase the time you can wear the Magic Cape which allows you to acquire the Cane of Byrna.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on how to obtain the Magic Meter Upgrade

Magic PowderHow to get Magic Powder

Lost Woods Mushroom

In order to acquire the Magic Powder you'll need to pick up a Mushroom in the Lost Woods and bring it to the Magic Shop which is to the east of Link's House. If you have the Mushroom on you the old hag stirring the cauldron outside of the Magic Shop will smell it on you and ask you to give it to her.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on how to obtain the Magic Powder

Ether Medallion

Ether MedallionEther Medallion Map Location

The Ether Medallion is one of the easiest Medallions for you to obtain since it's right next to the Tower of Hera where we learn about the Dark World and how the Magic Mirror works. You can acquire this Medallion immediately after you get the Master Sword. All you need is the Book of Mudora and the Magic Mirror.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on obtaining the Ether Medallion

Magic Cape

Magic Cape Location on mapMagic Cape Location

The Magic Cape can be found in the Dark World's version of the Hyrule Cemetery. The fastest way to get here is by taking the Dark World portal in Kakariko Village and heading east. When you get to the eastern end of the cemetery you'll want to dash into the Gravestone with your Pegasus Boots and head down the flight of stairs underneath.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on acquiring the Magic Cape

Cane of ByrnaCane of Byrna

Cane of Byrna Location on Map

In order to get the Cane of Byrna you'll first need to have the Magic Cape and you should also have the Magic Meter Upgrade. If you have both of these things head over to the Dark World portal by the Tower of Hera and switch to the Dark World. Jump off the southern part of the mountain to land on an alcove which will lead you into the cave that has the Cane of Byrna.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on acquiring the Cane of Byrna

Bombos MedallionBombos Medallion

Bombos Medallion Map LocationBombos Medallion Magic Mirror Location

The Bombos Medallion can be acquired once you get the Magic Mirror and Magic Hammer. It requires you to start over in the Dark World and switch to the light world - avoiding some of the terrain with the Magic Mirror. The easiest way here is the Swamp Portal to the Dark World. It's just a short run southwest from there.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on acquiring the Bombos Medallion

Zora's FlippersZora's Flippers

King Zora Location on Map

Once you have the Power Gloves you'll be able to acquire Zora's Flippers from King Zora in the far northeastern portion of the Light World.. It's strongly recommended that you do so as soon as possible because it'll allow you to swim in deeper water and collect the Third Magic Bottle.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on how to get Zora's Flippers

Quake MedallionQuake Medallion

Quake Medallion Location on map

The Quake Medallion can be picked up fairly early on after arriving in the Dark World as it only requires the Power Gloves to obtain. In the Dark World you'll want to venture up to where the Well of Wishing is in Light World and instead of finding the Well of Wishing you'll find a large ring of rocks. Toss something inside and you'll be awarded the Quake Medallion!

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on acquiring the Quake Medallion

Magical BoomerangUpgraded Shield and Boomerang

Mysterious Pond Location on map

After you acquire the Power Glove you'll be able to access the northeastern portion of the map which has Zora's Waterfall and the Waterfall of Wishing (also known as the Mysterious Pond). To reach this location you'll want to head northeast from Link's house towards the Magic Shop.

For more information on how to reach the Well of Wishing and what you can find here check out my guide

Tempered SwordTempered Sword

The Tempered Sword quest can be completed shortly after you finish Gargoyle's Domain, a dungeon in the Dark World. You'll need to move a few boulders around the Village of the Outcasts and lead the gnome weapon smith you find in the Dark World back to his friend in the Light World.

Continue reading for a more detailed walk through on how to obtain the Tempered Sword

Silver ArrowsSilver Arrows and Golden SwordGolden Sword

You will be able to acquire the Silver Arrows and Golden Sword after completing the Ice Palace and Misery Mire. Purchase the Super Bomb from the Bomb Merchant in Dark World and lug it over to the Pyramid of Power. Place it in front of the crack to blow a hole in the Pyramid then talk to the Fairy inside.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on how to reach the last Fairy

Book of MudoraBook of Mudora

Book of Mudora LocationBook of Mudora Map Location

The Book of Mudora can be picked up right after you acquire the Pegasus Boots early on in the game. You may have seen the book already while exploring Kakariko Village - if not you can find it inside the Bookstore in the southern portion of Kakariko Village.

Once inside the Bookstore sprint into the shelf with the green book on it (which is the Book of Mudora) and it'll fly off the bookshelf onto the ground for you to pick up.

Book of Mudora on the bookshelf

Bug Catching NetBug Catching Net

Bug Catching Net Location

The Bug Catching Net can be acquired extremely early on in your adventures and it's a very important item as it'll allow Link to capture things such as fairies and put them in the Magic Bottles he gets. You can retrieve the Bug Catching Net from the sick boy in Kakariko Village.

The sick boy is located in the building just across from the Kakariko Village Inn's back entrance (which is where you get the second Magic Bottle). In the following picture the Inn's back entrance is to my back and the sick boy's house is right in front of me.

Bug Catching Net and Magic Bottle

Enter the sick boys residence and speak with him and he'll give you the Bug Catching Net without any fuss.

Ice RodHow to get the Ice Rod

Ice Rod Cave LocationIce Rod Cave Map Location

The Ice Rod can be found in a cave that's located in the northeast portion of Lake Hylia. To the left of a cave entrance that leads to a Fairy Fountain you'll find a wall that you can blow up with a bomb. If you're having a hard time finding this location use my pictures for guidance.

If you are coming back to get the Ice Rod later in the game and you have the Flute fast travel and Zora's Flippers you can fast travel to Lake Hylia and swim up to the cave that has the Ice Rod rather quickly.

Once you blow your way into the cave the Ice Rod is just inside in a treasure chest. That's all there is to it!

Ice Rod Acquired