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How to get the Silver Arrows and Golden Sword

You will be able to visit the last gift-giving fairy shortly after completing the Ice Palace and Misery Mire. This Fairy is required to visit as she will reward you with Silver Arrows that are needed for defeating Ganon. If you have completed the quest from the gnome weapon smiths and got your sword upgraded to a Tempered Sword you'll also be able to get the Golden Sword for visiting this location.

To get started you'll want to travel to the Bomb Shop which is located in the Dark World where Link's House used to be.

Dark World Bomb Shop

After beating the Ice Palace a new type of bomb will be sold here, the Super Bomb! This isn't a bomb you can put in your inventory but rather a bomb you must lug along with you to the destination you wish to place it. Kind of like the chest we had to drag along with us for the Fourth Magic Bottle side quest.

We're going to want to drag this bomb back to the Pyramid of Power - one of the first locations we visited upon entering the Dark World. In my picture below you'll see a large crack in the wall that you're going to want to place the Super Bomb in front of.

Pyramid of Power Crack in the wall

Once you blow a hole in the wall you can walk in and you'll find the typical Fairy room. Walk up to the pond and toss in your Fairy Bow and your Tempered Sword. Doing this will get you Silver Arrows and the Golden Sword. As the Fairy tells you the Silver Arrows are used for killing Ganon.

Silver Arrows UpgradeGolden Sword Upgrade

The Golden Sword is the most powerful weapon you can get in the game. It's strongly recommended you get this weapon before taking on Ganon. The last thing this Fairy can do is if you toss in an empty Magic Bottle she'll return to you a bottle filled with a Green Potion.



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