The Magic Cape and Cane of Byrna

The Magic Cape and Cane of Byrna are two very important items for the player to get and they can be acquired one after the other. The Magic Cape has to be picked up first as it's required for navigating through the Cave of Byrna dungeon. Since these items are best gotten back to back I have them on the same page.


Acquiring the Magic Cape

Magic Cape Location on map

In order to get the Magic Cape you'll need both the Pegasus Boots and the Magic Mirror. The easiest way to reach the location we're going is to take the Kakariko Village Dark World portal and go east. Once you are in the Dark World you'll want to head over to this world's version of the Hyrule Cemetery.

In the upper right hand corner of the cemetery you'll find a large boulder (one that you can destroy by dashing into with your Pegasus Boots). In this same location you'll want to use the Magic Mirror to switch back to the Light World. If you're standing in the right location you'll appear at the same spot I am standing in my screenshot below.

Magic Cape Location

Now that we are back in the Light World - in order to reach the dungeon that the Magic Cape is in you'll want to dash into the gravestone to reveal a staircase. Follow it down into a small dungeon where you can find the Magic Cape.

The Magic Cape turns Link invisible when he wears it which allows him to sneak past enemies and over hostile terrain without being damaged. It consumes your Magic pretty quick so you can't abuse it - but it is required for some parts of the game!

Magic Cape Acquired

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Acquiring the Cane of Byrna

Cane of Byrna Map Location

In order to get the Cane of Byrna you'll first need to have acquired the Magic Cape. If you have the Flute use it to travel to Death Mountain - otherwise run there yourself. Climb the mountain as you normally do to reach the top where you can find the Tower of Hera portal to the Dark World. If you forget where this one is - use my guide!

Once you take the portal to the Dark World jump off the south of the mountain to land on the little ledge. There is only one spot on the mountain you can jump off immediately after taking the portal. There'll be a cave here that you can enter and inside you'll find the weird mole things you can smash with your hammer and a ton of spikes shooting up from the ground.

You can equip your Magic Cape and quickly run across all of the spikes to avoid taking any damage. At the very end of the maze you'll have to lift a huge boulder before you finally reach the treasure chest with the Cane of Byrna inside.

Cane of Byrna Acquired





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