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Upgrading Your Magic Meter

Magic Meter UpgradeMagic Meter Upgrade Location on map

In A Link to the Past you're able to decrease the cost of all of your Magic using abilities by half after you acquire the Magic Hammer and Magic Powder. You will also need to have easy access to and from the Dark World. To start you'll want to head to the center of Kakariko Village and then head one screen to the left (so, heading east). Here you'll find a hut of a gnome weapon smith as well as a cave entrance and a well.

If you are having trouble finding this location, it's the same location I am standing at in the picture below. Use that picture and the one below this paragraph to help yourself navigate to this area. Once you make it to this location you'll want to smash the stake and jump down into the well.

Magic Meter Upgrade Location
Smash the stake down and jump down into the well.

Inside the well you'll find a large red cauldron thing that you'll want to sprinkle Magic Powder on, as seen in the picture below. After you sprinkle the Magic Powder on the cauldron it's only a few pages of dialogue until you get your Magic Meter upgrade. From now on your Magic Meter will have a 1/2 fraction above it.

Magic Meter Upgrade Location


Additional Information

- The Magic Meter Upgrade is pretty much required if you want to use the Magic Cape and acquire the Cane of Byrna.

- The Infinite Magic Game Genie/Pro Action replay codes don't work for the Magic Cape so even if you're cheating it's still kind of important you get this.

- If you aren't cheating the game will be significantly harder if you don't complete this upgrade as early as possible.



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