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Collecting the Four Magic Bottles

In the Zelda series Magic Bottles are generally used to carry around useful items with you. Fairies that heal you or resurrect you upon death, potions to heal yourself or restore Magic and sometimes items for quests or items used to defeat enemies. There are four Magic Bottles for you to collect in A Link to the Past.


Collecting the First Magic Bottle

The first Magic Bottle is obtained from the Bottle salesman in Kakariko Village. On the same screen as the Weathercock you'll find a man sitting on a carpet, seen in the screenshot that's below. This guy will sell you the first Magic Bottle in the game for 100 Rupees.

First Magic Bottle Location


Collecting the Second Magic Bottle

Kakariko Village Inn Back Entrance

The second Magic Bottle is also found in Kakariko Village. Nearby where you purchased the first Magic Bottle is the Kakariko Inn. You'll want to enter into the back entrance of it and you'll be able to open a treasure chest after moving a pot that is in your way. Inside the Treasure chest will be the second Magic Bottle!

Second Bottle AcquiredSecond Bottle Map Location


Collecting the Third Magic Bottle

To collect the Third Magic Bottle in A Link to the past you'll first need the Zora Flippers which you get from Zora's Waterfall in the northeastern portion of Hyrule. Once you have them you'll want to hop into the river heading north from Lake Hylia. Swim up the river a bit until you reach the location I am standing at in the pictures below.

One of the pictures shows where I am standing at on the map (for those confused as to where this is) and the second picture I am swimming in front of the bridge you must go under. If you are having trouble seeing any of the pictures just click on them to enlarge them!

Third Magic Bottle Map LocationThird Magic Bottle Location

Once you are under the bridge getting the bottle is extremely easy. Just speak with the man sleeping next to the tent and he'll reward you with the third Magic Bottle.

A link to the past Third Magic Bottle


Collecting the Fourth Magic Bottle

Fourth Magic Bottle LocationFourth Magic Bottle Map Location

The Fourth Magic Bottle is acquired much later in the game once the player gets the Titan's Mitts and has easy access to and from the Dark World. What you need to do is head over to the Village of Outcasts and to the weapon smith's house... or what remains of it. Inside the house you'll find a treasure chest that looks much different than the usual chests.

If you don't see this chest it probably means you haven't reunited the Weapon smiths and gotten your sword Tempered. If you'd like more information on how to do that extremely short and beneficial side quest check out my Sword Tempering guide!

Back to getting the bottle! When you walk up to the chest you'll be unable to open it - instead it'll follow link around... great, right? You'll want to use the Magic Mirror and return to the Light World once the chest is following you - good ol' scruffy (our chest) comes along for the ride too.

The only way to shake scruffy off your tail is with a Pegasus Boots dash; so if you have the Flute don't worry about losing the chest and use it and warp to the Swamp Palace Location (Number 7). Walk west from the swamp over a few screens and you'll find a man sitting next to a sign post that usually doesn't speak with you.

Thief to Lockpick ChestTheif Map Location

The sign says not to disturb him so we're going to do exactly that. Speak to him and he'll agree to open the Treasure Chest for you if you keep his secret. Of course you will, it's not like you're writing a guide online to tell people his secret and how to exploit him - right?

Anyway, after agreeing to keep his secret he'll open the chest for you... and inside.. The Fourth Magic Bottle!





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