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Acquiring the Ether, Quake and Bombos Medallions

In A Link to the past there are 3 different Medallions you can acquire once you have the Master Sword and Book of Mudora in hand. Each Medallion casts a unique magical spell at the cost of Magic that's generally extremely powerful and wipes out all of the enemies on the screen. Both the Ether and Quake Medallions are required to progress through the game.

This page has a guide for all three of the Medallions in the order you're most likely to acquire them in.


Ether MedallionEther Medallion

Ether Medallion LocationEther Medallion Map Location

In order to obtain and use the Ether Medallion you'll need to first collect the Master Sword. You'll also need the Magic Mirror and Book of Mudora to acquire the Ether Medallion. West from the Tower of Hera in the Light World you'll find a wooden bridge. Cross this bridge and it'll lead you out to an island where you'll want to use the Book of Madura to inspect the stone. Doing this will grant you the Ether Medallion!

If you forget how to reach the Tower of Hera in the Light World you'll need to first venture up to the top of Death Mountain and use the portal to the Dark World. Nearby you'll find a different colored patch of land where you can use the Magic Mirror and you'll appear up on a raised platform in the Light World.

Once ontop that raised platform turn around and jump off and that'll put you on the same part of the mountain as the Tower of Hera.


Bombos Medallion

Bombos Medallion Map Location

In order for you to obtain the Bombos Medallion you'll need to do some Light World/Dark World swapping to skillfully avoid the terrain obstacles in your way. You'll need both the Magic Mirror and the Magic Hammer in order to acquire this Medallion. To start you'll need to head to the Dark World - the fastest method is taking the Swamp Portal by Link's House.

Once you're in the Dark World head southwest as if you were heading towards the desert. You'll come to an area after a windy turn with purple spikes sticking out of the ground on the cusp of grass/dirt. You'll want to stand inside the area surrounded by the purple spikes and use your Magic Mirror here.

Confused? I'm standing where you should use the Magic Mirror in the picture below.

Bombos Medallion Magic Mirror Location

Once you use the Magic Mirror to appear in the Light World you'll be ontop of a large hill. Run one screen to your west (left) at this point and you'll find a large stone tablet which you'll need to use the Book of Mudora on. After a brief cutscene you'll be rewarded with the Bombos Medallion!

Bombos Medallion Acquired


Quake MedallionQuake Medallion

Quake Medallion Map Location

The Quake Medallion can be acquired pretty early on after reaching the Dark World. If you head towards what used to be the Magic shop in the Light World (the place you bring the Magic Mushroom to for the Magic Powder) and continue east to Zora's River you'll eventually come to a sign that reads..

"Curses to anyone who throws something into my circle of stones."

Naturally your response should be to throw something into the circle of stones. A little to the northwest of this location (as seen in the picture below) you'll find a circle of rocks. Grab a nearby object and hurl it inside to make a large catfish creature come out and yell at you. He'll give you the Quake Medallion if you promise to leave him alone.

Quake Medallion Acquired


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