Chapter 6 Walkthrough - Baldur's Gate 2

Chapter 6 Start

Chapter 6 begins the moment you exit the Underdark and arrive on the Underdark Exit map. You will immediately be surrounded by a group of Elves who will force you to come with them and speak to their leader, Elhan. There will be a decent amount of dialogue with Elhan that you'll have to get through, if you try to turn hostile against him he'll one shot you so keep that in mind.

Once you've given Elhan all of the information he wants he'll send you on your way and you'll be able to continue with this chapter. This chapter is one of the shortest in the entire game considering all we really need to do is return to Athkatla and slay Bodhi in the Graveyard District. With that said, there are various side objectives that are worth going out of your way for. I will talk about all of these side objectives in detail below.

When you leave the Underdark Exit map for the very first time you'll encounter Drizzt on a waylaid map. It's possible to convince Drizzt to help with the assault on Bodhi's Lair, it's also possible to attack Drizzt and steal all of his stuff. Those of you who choose the attack Drizzt route should know that you don't get to keep his stuff for very long. You'll eventually be approached by an NPC who will take all the equipment back and if you refuse you'll get a Gameover.

Asking Drizzt For Help

After the encounter with Drizzt you're free to explore the entire world again. If you ever want to return to the Underdark the only way to do this is entering the cave on the Underdark Exit map and returning the same way you came out.

Like I said before, there are many different side quests and side objectives that we can complete during Chapter 6. If you didn't complete everything I talked about during Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 then I recommend you check out those pages now and complete everything mentioned. On those pages I have detailed lists of side quests and the order they should be done in for nearly every map in the game.

The only things I left out on the pages for Chapters 2 and 3 were quests that were not available at the time or too high level. Anything that was left out from those pages can be found here instead.


Yoshimo's Heart: If you brought Yoshimo with you to Spellhold during Chapter 4 then you witnessed him turning against you and eventually falling to your blade. When Yoshimo dies you're able to pick up his heart which can then be purified at any Temple of Ilmater for 200,000 EXP.

Adventurer's Mart In Waukeen's Promenade: After returning to Athkatla during Chapter 6 you'll be able to ask Ribald to see his special wares for 50g. He sells various weapons and equipment which are pretty good along with a variety of high level spells that you may be interested in. This shop is one of the only places you can buy Level 9 spells like Time Stop and Wail of the Banshee.

Cromwell's Blacksmith Quest: In the Docks District of Athkatla you'll find a Blacksmith named Cromwell who can create a variety of powerful items for you. Each of these items will require reagents which you can find hidden throughout the entire game. If you'd like to see a complete list of what items you can make and where to find all the reagents check my Cromwell Blacksmith Walkthrough.

Lich in Athkatla: There are a total of 3 Lich enemies hiding around Athkatla. 2 of them are involved in the Restore Kangaxx's Body Side Quest (which I recommend you do, or try to do) and the last one is completely optional. One of the Lich involved in the Kangaxx quest can be found in the Bridge District; the second Lich can be found in the Temple District Sewers - specifically the Cult Hideout map. As for the third optional Lich, you'll find him hanging out in the City Gates map of Athkatla. He's found in a hidden area inside of the tavern.

Human Flesh Armor from Fael: If you decided to eliminate Adalon in the Underdark instead of rescuing her eggs then you have the Silver Dragon Blood that she dropped. This item can be used in the Finish the Leather Armor Side Quest which is given to you by Fael in Umar Hills. You will need to have finished Solve the "Skinner" Murders in Bridge District Side Quest to unlock this quest.

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons: Since we are higher level now would be a good time to revisit some old scaley friends and put them into coffins. You may have already found Firkraag in the Windspear Hills Dungeon and Thaxll'ssillyia in the Temple Ruins; if not you can do the side quests that give you access to these areas then fight the dragons. For more information about these 2 check my Firkraag Himself Walkthrough and Challenge Thaxll'ssillyia Walkthrough.


Watcher's Keep: This is a dungeon which you have access to throughout Shadows of Amn but it's more or less a Throne of Bhaal dungeon. Lots of quest items drop in this dungeon that are used in Cespernar's Forge in Throne of Bhall. I'm going to leave this the way it is for right now since I don't have guides for Watcher's Keep yet... Most likely I will add guides here early 2023.


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Before challenging Bodhi you can recruit more people to help you in the fight. If you sided with the Shadow Thieves during Chapter 3 you can return to them now and ask Aran Linvail for help. Once we're done with Bodhi you can also clear out the entire Shadow Thief Guild building for extra money and EXP. You can also visit the Order of the Most Radiant Heart building in the Government District and speak with Prelate Wesselen who will send some Paladins to her lair.

Bodhi Chapter 6 Graveyard District

When you are ready to proceed with the main story quest our next destination will be the Graveyard District of Athkatla. Upon your arrival you'll immediately get some dialogue with Bodhi after which you'll find yourself attacked by some Vampires. Our destination in the Graveyard District is going to be the Lower Tombs - an area you're probably already familiar with if you sided with the Shadow Thief Guild during Chapter 3.

You'll have to enter the Lower Tombs through the northwestern entrance nearby where Viconia can be found; this will put you in the Vampire section of the dungeon. During our raid here in Chapter 6 you'll be in a different version of the Lower Tombs than you were during Chapter 3 or any other time you've visited.

The first thing you should do in the Lower Tombs is speak with Drizzt if you told him to meet you here. He can be found in the northwestern room which has the Pool of Blood in it. You should meet up with Drizzt first before entering the big room with the large table as there will be lots of Vampires in here. To make this entire dungeon easier you'll be able to pour some Holy Water into the Pool of Blood as well, this will weaken all of the Vampires inside of this dungeon.

Before heading downstairs to challenge Bodhi you should go into the torture chamber in the northeast where you will find another repository of blood. This blood pool will be a container that contains a pair of BiS gauntlets, Legacy of the Masters. Remember to use your Stakes on the Coffins on this floor and then head downstairs to Bodhi's Lair when you're ready to challenge her.

Bodhi Chapter 6 Fight

You'll have as much time as you want to buff up in the hallway before engaging with Bodhi. Once you enter the large room downstairs the fight will start so make sure you're ready before then. I'd recommend summoning pets like the Animate Dead Skeletons and sending them into the large room that Bodhi is waiting in. When they enter the room it will not trigger the start of the fight so you can actually get them into position before you engage Bodhi.

Depending on your group composition, levels and gear this can be a very difficult fight. If you'd like some tips and strategies for defeating hard enemies in this game I recommend you check out my BG2 Beginner's Guide. Once Bodhi has been defeated you'll need to use a Stake on her inside her Coffin to finalize her death. Upon doing this you'll automatically recieve Bodhi's Black Heart and the Rhynn Lanthorn.

Search the surrounding areas for loot then exit the Lower Tombs and proceed to the Underdark Exit map where you'll find Elhan. You'll want to tell him about your victory to advance this quest forward for the final time. One thing to note is that if you've already explored the Forest of Tethir map then you'll be instantly teleported there with Elhan. I believe if you haven't yet been to this map then you'll have to come here yourself - I remember doing that one time but didn't test it when writing the guide.

Rhynn Lanthorn After Bodhis Defeat

Our next destination is going to be the Forest of Tethir map which you can reach by first traveling through Small Teeth Pass and then North Forest. Both Small Teeth Pass and North Forest are transitory maps with barely anything of note on them. I recommend you check out my overview pages for them if you'd like to learn more.

After arriving in the Forest of Tethir our destination is going to be the northeastern corner of this area where you'll find Elhan waiting for you by the entrance of Suldanessellar. Here you will have a brief scene with Elhan during which he'll reveal the secret passage into Suldanessellar. Follow him to finish Chapter 6 and continue to Chapter 7.

Suldanessellar Entrance



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