Finish The Leather Armor - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Finish the Leather Armor Quest Start

Finish the Leather Armor Begun by Rejiek Hidesman is a side quest that starts out as an unmarked quest until you speak to Fael in Umar Hills. To begin this quest in earnest you'll first need to complete Solve the "Skinner" Murders in the Bridge District side quest and pick up Human Flesh. Inside of Rejiek Hidesman's house on the 2nd basement floor you'll find Human Flesh which is a low quality magical armor.

Note: If Fael is not here for you then you probably forgot to loot the Tanner's Letter from inside of Rejiek's shop in the Bridge District.

The Human Flesh item is found by inspecting a bed on the 2nd basement floor that is not a container. When you mouse over this bed your cursor icon will change; that's the only indication that you'll get that an item is hiding here. For a screenshot of what I am talking about check out the Solve the "Skinner" Murders in the Bridge District quest page.

Adjacent to the bed you'll find a cabinet which contains a coded letter to Fael in Umar Hills (pictured above). You're not able to talk to Fael about this item until you purchase a copy of History of the Zhentarim from him. Once you purchase this item Fael will initiate dialogue with you and ask you what his name was when he was selling items in Athkatla.

Fael's previous name was Darcin Cole, answer his quiz correctly and this quest will begin. Essentially for this entire quest all you need to do is venture into the Underdark and kill Adalon the Silver Dragon. If you've already completed Chapter 5 then Adalon will be gone and you will be unable to complete this quest.

Adalon the Silver Dragon

Since we can only get the Silver Dragon Blood by killing Adalon you will want to plan ahead of time to maximize the amount of EXP we get while in Underdark. You will be unable to complete Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs which means you'll miss out on about 75k EXP for each member of your party. Also, if you kill Adalon too far ahead of time you'll miss out on Inside The Drow City and The Drow Summoning Ritual. Both of these quests will give you well over 100k EXP in total.

Keep in mind that the Human Flesh armor is only usable by characters who are Evil so it may not be worth going out of your way and getting it unless you know for sure that you're going to use it. Getting this armor means you'll miss out on (at least) the EXP for Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs and possibly more depending on when you decide to kill Adalon.

If you plan to complete this quest it's typically best to do the entire Inside The Drow City and The Drow Summoning Ritual quest lines and then kill Adalon at the very end of these quests after you've recovered her eggs. During The Drow Summoning Ritual quest you'll actually be able to sacrifice Adalon's eggs if you're planning on going this route, though I must admit the reward for sacrificing her eggs is a Polearm which most people probably won't be using.

For help defeating Adalon I recommend you check out my BG2 Beginner's Guide page. That guide will give you tips, tricks and strategies for taking out difficult enemies like Adalon. Once Adalon is dead and you've recovered the Blood of a Silver Dragon return to Fael in Umar Hills and give him the blood along with the Human Flesh. He'll ask you to return in 4 days once the armor is finished.

Fael Summoning Mages to Fight You

When you return to Fael in 4 days he'll give you the Human Flesh +5 then summon a group of mages to attack you before fleeing. The mages won't drop much of note and the quest will complete here after speaking with Fael.