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Chapter 5 Walkthrough - Baldur's Gate 2

Chapter 5 Start

Chapter 5 begins when you enter the Underdark for the first time. A little bit to the southeast of where you enter you will find a group of Svirfneblin Duergar (pictured above) who will act as some of the main vendors throughout this entire Chapter of the game. Before you progress the main story in this area too far it's strongly recommended that you complete all of the available side quests and explore everything.

After you enter Ust Natha and begin the Inside The Drow City quest you'll not have much time to do anything else. This entire quest chain is timed and while there are occasional breaks where you're given 3 days to 'roam around and do whatever' it's recommended you don't. In my experience the quest is buggy and even if you adhere to the time limit that it states you can still end up failing it.

For this reason it's typically best to get every other quest and area out of the way before entering Ust Natha. This way once you start the Ust Natha chain you can give it your full attention until it is finished. Below you'll find a list of the available side quests for you to complete and the various maps for you to explore before entering Ust Natha.


Underdark Areas To Explore:

- All of the Underdark
- Western Kuo-toan Tunnels
- Eastern Mind-Flayer Tunnels
- Southern Beholder Tunnels


Underdark Side Quests:

- A Mage's Proposal
- Svirfneblin Son Missing
- Captured By Mind Flayers
- Victims of Imprisonment

Once you have finished all of the above tasks that you'd like to complete it's time to advance the story forward. To continue with the main story the first person you'll have to speak with is Goldander Blackenrock in the Svirfneblin village located in the northern portion of the Underdark (pictured below).

Goldander Blackenrock Quest Start
Goldander Blackenrock the Svirfneblin Leader

Goldander will ask you to defeat a powerful demon and seal the hole him and his homies dug behind their village. In exchange he'll give you the Light Gem which will allow you to access Adalon's Lair. You can technically Kill Goldander or Pick Pocket the Light Gem from him but I would recommend doing this easy task for the extra EXP.

You can find the small room Goldander is talking about to the northeast of the Svirfneblin Village; speak with the Svirfneblin standing outside and he'll open the door for you so long as you've already accepted the task. Before fighting this Balor it's strongly recommended you save your game and buff up as much as possible because it'll be a pretty tough fight.

Once you've defeated the Balor use the Stoneshaper Scroll that you were given and return to Goldander to complete this task. He'll reward you with the Light Gem and point you in the direction of Adalon's Lair. You'll find Adalon's Lair in the eastern portion of the Underdark just a little bit south of Ust Natha. Use my Underdark Overview page if you need help locating this area.

Adalon will ask you for help recovering her eggs when you enter her lair. If you accept her quest it will begin the Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs quest which is going to be the main over arching quest for the rest of the act. She'll also turn you and your entire group into Drow using an illusion so you can safely enter Ust Natha.

Adalon asking for help in Underdark

At this point in time Chapter 5 has numerous branches which you can follow in order to complete it. You can kill Adalon and pick up the Note she drops that will allow you to escape the Underdark; she'll also drop Blood of a Silver Dragon which is used in Finish The Leather Armor. Alternatively, if you have 17 Charisma or higher you can leave the Underdark by talking with the guards in the Western Tunnels as well.

Of course then you also have the most obvious route which is to enter Ust Natha and complete the task that Adalon asked us to do. Below I have included a list of the different ways you can advance the story forward along with some steps we have already completed.

How to Advance Story Forward:

1. Visit the Svirfneblin City & speak with Goldander Blackenrock
2. Pick Pocket, Kill or Complete the task Goldander gives you to obtain the Light Gem
3. Enter Adalon's Lair using the Light Gem and begin Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs
4. (Optional) With 17 Charisma or more you can leave the Underdark now through the West Tunnels Exit
5. (Optional) Kill Adalon for the Note she drops which will let us escape; killing Adalon is part of the Finish The Leather Armor quest
6. Enter Ust Natha and complete the entirety of Inside The Drow City and The Drow Summoning Ritual to recover Adalon's Eggs
7. Return Adalon's Eggs to her to complete Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs and she will open the exit out of the Underdark for you
8. (Optional) Kill Adalon after finishing everything in Ust Natha for her blood that way you can complete Finish The Leather Armor instead

What I personally would recommend you do is complete Inside The Drow City and The Drow Summoning Ritual regardless of whether or not you plan to slay Adalon. Both of these quests will give you tens of thousands of gold and well over a hundred thousand experience. During these 2 quests while you're in Ust Natha you'll also have the chance of completing additional side quests for more loot and more EXP.

Inside Ust Natha there are also various other activities you can do for additional EXP like the 2 battle arenas in the Ust Natha Tavern. Really, the main point for me to get across to you is that skipping Ust Natha entirely is not a good idea because you'll lose out on at least 3 or 4 character levels worth of EXP.

Ust Natha Side Quests:

- Find the Worshippers of Ghaunadaur
- Intrigue with Jarlaxle
- Retrieve Qilues Brain

For a complete and detailed walkthrough of how to complete all of the quests in Ust Natha I recommend you head to my Inside The Drow City quest walkthrough. When you complete that quest you will begin the follow up, The Drow Summoning Ritual which is the final quest of the Ust Natha chain. During these quests I strongly recommend you hit up the Ust Natha vendors too because once these quests are finished the vendors will disappear from the game.

You can find the Ust Natha vendors right near the cities entrance on the main platform. Check out my Where to Buy Spells guide for more information about the vendors in Ust Natha if you need it. Once you finish all of the quests in Ust Natha I strongly recommend you fight your way out of town for even more EXP and loot.

With Ust Natha complete you'll want to return to Adalon and speak with her to complete the Recover the Silver Dragon's Eggs side quest or kill her, depending on your choice. Regardless of your choice your next destination will be the Western Tunnels which is where you will find the Underdark Exit and the path back to the World Map.

Exit from the Underdark

After going through the Underdark Exit doors you'll find yourself in a small cave system with numerous small rooms. In each room you'll find hostile Drow enemies fighting Elves who are friendly to you. Take out each pack of Drow as you advance through this area until you find the exit leading outside.

This will conclude Chapter 5 of Baldur's Gate 2.



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