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Solve the "Skinner" Murders in Bridge District - BG2 Side Quest

Skinner Murders Map Locations

Solve the "Skinner" murders in the Bridge District is a side quest that begins by speaking with Lieutenant Aegisfield in the northern portion of the Bridge District in Athkatla. The first time you enter the Bridge District Lieutenant Aegisfield will approach you and tell you about these murders, choosing the right dialogue options with him will begin this quest at that time.

This quest is kind of a fetch quest in the sense that you have to run back and forth between different places in the Bridge District to solve the mystery. I've included a step by step list below explaining each of these steps in detail to make it all easier for you. Additionally if you need help finding any of the NPCs in this quest use my map above.

Step-by-step of how to complete the quest:

1. Have a word with Rampah, the beggar to the north of Rose Bouquet, and pay him for the Exotic Hide he found at the crime scene
2. Talk to Rose Bouquet next to the Five Flagons Inn about what she knows
3. Speak to the merchant Bel Dalemark near Rose and ask him for things that smell like Guril Berries; he'll give you 3 samples
4. Return all 3 samples to Rose and ask her to identify the smell (She'll pick the Oak Bark)
5. Ask Bel Dalemark about the exotic hide you got from Rampah and he'll identify it as an Elephant Hide

Once you have finished all 5 of the above steps you will be able to confront Rejiek about the Elephant Hide and Tannin that you learned about. You can find Rejiek inside of the Tanner Shop in the middle of the Bridge District; when talking to him you'll want to pick the same dialogue option shown below.

It's worth noting that the quest branches here too; you can return to Lieutenant Aegisfield if you wish and tell him you've discovered it is Rejiek. This will result in Lieutenant Aegisfield going to Rejiek's house and getting himself killed though and it'll change how you turn in this quest in the future.

Rejiek for Skinner Murders

Rejiek will flee downstairs and you'll have to pursue him. I suggest you take your time on the 2nd floor as there are multiple traps as well as one very important item that you will want to grab. One of the 2 beds is trapped and is a container with some items, the other bed you can still interact with -- just differently.

When you interact with the second bed you'll get a dialogue prompt about the stench and bodies. Interact with it again and you will discover Human Flesh which is (for now) a useless piece of armor that can only be worn by evil characters. Those of you who need help finding the bed I am talking about, I have provided a screenshot below.

Make sure you grab the Tanner's Letter from this room as well and Lieutenant Aegisfield's body if it is here before going downstairs to the next floor. His body will be here if you told him about Rejiek earlier.

Location of Human Flesh

On the final floor of Rejiek's house you'll have a tough fight against 2 Ghasts, 2 Thieves and a Mage. I'd recommend you buff up a bit before heading downstairs since this fight will be hard for lower level players. After you defeat all the enemies loot whatever you wish and then return to Lieutenant Aegisfield, assuming that he is alive.

If Lieutenant Aegisfield is dead then you'll have to take his body to Chief Inspector Brega inside of the Council of Six building in the Government District for your reward. Your reward will be the same either way, the only thing that changes is this extra step at the end if he is dead.

As for the Human Flesh... For more information about how to upgrade this armor go check out Finish the Leather Armor Side Quest.