Scandia Under Siege - Act 5 Story Quest

Gylfi King of Scandia for Scandia Under Siege

Scandia Under Siege is the fourth main quest of Act 5 in Titan Quest: Ragnarok. This quest will begin by speaking with King Gylfi (pictured above) after you have completed the previous quest, The Power of Nerthus. For this quest all you need to do is find Sithun and locate the Shrine of Wodun inside of it.

You can find Sithun by traveling north of King Gylfi's Settlement through the Frozen River. The entrance to Sithun is found in the northwestern most portion of the Frozen River and is pretty easy to locate, traveling through Sithun is easy too since it is linear.

Side Quests In Area:

Giesel (Birch Forest)
Fir Cone Liquor (Shores of Scandia)
The Restless King (King Gylfi's Settlement)
The Magic Cauldron (King Gylfi's Settlement)
The Survivor (Birch Forest)

Just before you find the Shrine of Wodun in Sithun you'll have to fight Hildisvini ~ Golden Boar which is a boar that is very similar to Yaoguai from Act 3.

Hildisvini ~ Golden Boar Boss Fight

When compared to the boar from Act 3 this one is typically seen as much easier. You will still definitely want to swap to any Bleed Resistance gear that you have, Harness of Valholl would be great at a time like this if you have one. The fight with Hildisvini will work similarly to the fight with Yaoguai, standing in his primary melee ability (Mosh Pit) will get you killed very quickly even with the appropriate resistances.

Required Resists: Bleeding and Physical

Mosh Pit: Deals Physical Damage, Bleeding Damage and Slows you. Defensive Ability will also be reduced to all enemies around Hildisvini.

Reflect Damage: Absorbs 50% of incoming damage and reflects 20 to 200% of it back at the user.

Summon Yerrens: Two Whitefur Yetten Prowlers will be summoned that assis Hildisvini in battle.

Once Hildisvini is dead you will be able to click on a log that blocks your path to the Shrine of Wodan. It's a short run from this log to the shrine and inside of the shrine you'll find the Broken Spear which is what we need to complete this quest (pictured below).

Scandia Under Siege Broken Spear

With the Broken Spear in hand you will want to return to King Gylfi's Settlement and speak with King Gylfi to complete this quest. Completion of this quest will begin the followup, The Rescue, as well as give you access to the chest right next to King Gylfi. The chest will contain a completed Power of Nerthus Relic.