Fir Cone Liquor - Act 5 Side Quest

Fir Cone Liquor Quest Start

Start Location: Shores of Scandia
Quest Location: Shores of Scandia/King Gylfi's Settlement
Objective: This quest is automatically complete when you finish Scandia Under Siege

Fir Cone Liquor is the first Side Quest that you receive after entering Scandia during Act 5. This Side Quest is a wild goose chase and is the only one in the game that can not be completed - well, technically. The Fir Cone Liquor you're asked to get does not exist in the game.. However the quest will automatically complete after you finish the Scandia Under Siege Story Quest during Act 5.

After you bring the Scion Relic to King Gylfi he'll order Nidbald to ferry you to Kaupangr, shortly after arriving in Kaupangr this quest will complete. There is no reward for completing this quest, it seems this quest was added to tease people like you (and me) into Googling about it.