The Rescue - Act 5 Story Quest

The Rescue Quest Start King Gylfi

The Rescue is the fifth quest in Act 5 of Titan Quest: Ragnarok and begins after completing the Scandia Under Siege quest. In order to accept The Rescue you will need to talk to King Gylfi multiple times. For the first part of this quest you will need to travel west of King Gylfi's Settlement and speak with Nibald who will ferry you to Kaupangr.

Once you are in the Village of Kaupangr you will want to pick up the available Side Quests and then speak with Audhild to update this quest. First thing we need to do is go to the Icthian Grotto to the east of the Village of Kaupangr and defeat Lord of the Fjord who is holding the Icthian Relic that we need. Map location can be found below.

Side Quests In Area:

Dvergar History (Kaupangr) (2 Skill Points)
Squabbling Merchants (Kaupangr)
The Craftsman's Passion (Icthian Fjord)
Legendary Craftsmanship (Master Forge Chamber) (affix added to epic/legendary equipment)

Icthian Relic Map Location

The Lord of the Fjord is a pretty simple fight, he is just an Icthian with slightly more HP and more damage than the other ones. Once you've obtained the Icthian Relic our next destination, The Southern Gate, is far to the north of our current location. You will know you're at the right spot when you can't go any further north.

Place the Icthian Relic into the door and it will summon a large wave of Undead enemies for you to defeat. Once they're all defeated the door will open and grant you access to the Halls of the Dvergr. In the Halls of the Dvergr we need to speak with Dvalinn who is one of the friendly Dvergr standing at the Master Forge (pictured below).

Note: You do not want to skip the Dvergar History Side Quest which takes place in this area. Completion of it will give you a permanent +2 Skill Points.

Dvalinn in Master Forge Chamber

After speaking with Dvalinn you will want to go south out of the Halls of Dvergr; you will find yourself in a small outside area called Ancestral Lands with a Portal in the middle. On the opposite end of the Ancestral Lands as where you entered you'll see another cave entrance, this is where we need to go next.

You'll find yourself in the Old Mine area which is where the second part of the Dvergar History Side Quest takes place. It's also where you will find Cavern of the Fungoids and The Great Shroom which you need to defeat in order to advance the quest. Basically, in the Old Mine there is a gate which you can open and that will lead you to the Cavern of the Fungoids.

The Great Shroom is found in the center of the Cavern of the Fungoids (entrance to the center portion is on the bottom) and is a fairly easy fight, return to Dvalinn once you've defeated it. After speaking with Dvalinn a door will open up in the southern portion of The Great Forge.

For now the main quest will go dormant, you'll have to run through multiple zones before reaching Asgard and then multiple zones once in Asgard before finding Ylva. You'll find Ylva at the northern end of Asgard in a zone called Valholl. She's being kept in a prison cell (pictured below) and you'll need to defeat all of the enemies in the area before being able to speak with her.

Ylva in Valholl Jail CellVaholl Boss Fight Against Deities

Note: If you want the next boss fight to be significantly easier wait for Ylva to run up the stairs and go through the double doorway into the room with Wodan. Ylva is an escort mob so the bosses will focus on her rather than you and since she can't be killed she's the best tank you could ever ask for.

Typically my first target is Wodan or Freyja when doing this boss fight, sometimes Tyr too since he is melee. Baldr can't be harmed until Freyja is defeated so I typically save him for last. After you've defeated all 4 of the enemies Ylva will morph into Loki and you'll need to talk to him to complete this quest and begin the follow up, The Wisest Being.