The Survivor - Act 5 Side Quest

The Survivor Quest Start

Start Location: King Gylfi's Settlement
Quest Location: The Battleground
Objective: Retrieve Woolen Scarf in The Battlegrounds and return it to Aslind

The Survivor Side Quest begins by speaking with Aslind who is found just outside of King Gylfi's Settlement (Scandia Portal) in the Birch Forest. If you're having trouble locating her use my screenshot above for additional guidance. All you need to do for this quest is to travel to an area called The Battleground to the north/northeast of Aslind. Use my map screenshot below for better guidance.

In The Battleground area you'll come across a Hunter's corpse (pictured below); clicking on it will reveal a Woolen Scarf item which drops for you to pick up. Grab the Woolen Scarf and then return it to Aslind just outside of King Gylfi's Settlement to complete the quest.

Hunters Corpse for The Survivor Quest


The Survivor Map Location