Giesel - Act 5 Side Quest

Giesel Quest Start

Start Location: Birch Forest
Quest Location: Birch Forest
Objective: Find Giesel and return him to Laidulf

Giesel is an easy to complete Side Quest which you'll pick up from Laidulf in the Birch Forest area (east of King Gylfi's Settlement). There are actually 3 ways to complete this quest and all of them give different rewards, one of which will give you an achievement.

I'll describe each of the 3 methods of completing the quest below, but first, you can find Giesel northeast of Laidulf in a small alcove of Birch Forest. Use my map below for a better idea of exactly where you can find Giesel.

Methods of Completing This Quest:

Return Giesel (Alive): This method will get you the best EXP and Gold rewards. Speak with Giesel in the Birch Forest and lead her back to Laidulf without letting her get killed.

Return Giesel (Dead): If Giesel dies on your way to Laidulf pick up his pelt and return it to Laidulf. You'll receive half of your original reward.

Give Laidulf a Lupine Necklace: Once you complete The Craftsman Passion Side Quest you'll receive a Lupine Necklace Design. Craft the Lupine Necklace then give it to Laidulf and he'll assume you've avenged Giesel and the quest will complete. On the Steam version of the game if you have not discovered Giesel (meaning you haven't gotten close to the sheep in game) you'll receive an Achievement for completing this too called "Give me your Lupines"

Giesel The Sheep

Giesel Map Locations

Note: If you complete this quest by giving Laidulf the Lupine Necklace then you'll need to get Giesel killed and pick up the Sheepskin in order to complete the Squabbling Merchants Side Quest. The Lupine Necklace is typically used in completion of the Squabbling Merchants quest but the Sheepskin will work too.