Sandral and Matale Feud Side Quest - Dantooine (Kotor 1)

Sandral and Matale Feud Quest Start

Start Location: Jedi Enclave
Cut Off Point: Leviathan (after finding 4 Star Maps)
Reward: Too many to count; major Dark Side Point opportunities at the end

This quest begins during your talk with the Jedi Council just after becoming a Jedi and being assigned the task of finding the Star Forge Map on Dantooine. For this quest you will need to visit both the Matale settlement as well as the Sandral one and sort out their beef with each other.

Succinct steps to complete this quest:

1. Speak with the droid at the Matale Grounds then Matale himself
2. (Optional) Find the Dead Settler in the eastern Matale Grounds
3. Go to the Sandral Grounds, speak with the droid then Sandral
4. Talk with Rahasia and receive the key to the Sandral Estate
5. Break in the back entrance and free Shen
6. Choose which outcome you want when talking to the two fathers and kids

First thing you'll need to do is go to the Matale Grounds and speak with Matale to learn about the situation. You will then have an optional part of this quest which involves finding the dead settler in the eastern portion of the Matale Grounds. The dead settler is Nurik Sandral's son and you'll get some items on the corpse as well as more xp when you tell Nurik about it.

If you're having trouble finding the dead settler use my map screenshot below, it has the exact location. Show pappa Sandral Casus' Diary (found on the dead settler corpse) to complete this optional part of the quest.

Matale Grounds Dead Settler Map Location

Rahasia Sandral at the Sandral Estate

After you speak with Mr. Sandral his daughter Rahasia will come out to speak with you. She'll give you a key that will allow you to access the back entrance of the Sandral Estate. There is a decent amount of enemy droids in here you can defeat and rooms to explore/pillage.

You'll find Shen trapped in a room that you can bash open at the northern end of the compound. There is a key for this room too but... Smashing it is easier. He'll refuse to leave without his dearest Rahasia so you'll have to convince her to leave with Shen and report back to him with the good news.

Once you're outside the Sandral residence you'll have a confrontation between the Sandral and Matale family where you'll be able to get Light Side/Dark Side Points as well as complete the quest.

Sandral and Matale Confrontation

There are technically 4 ways for you to complete this quest but only 3 will reward you with Light Side or Dark Side Points, I will mention all of them below.

Light Side Points: Convince the fathers to trust Shen and Rahasia again will get you the largest reward of 900xp and 500 Credits

Neutral Outcome: Tell Shen and Rahasia to flee to the Jedi Enclave and start a life there. Reward is 600xp

Dark Side Points: Lie to Shen and tell him Rahasia doesn't love him. Convince him to leave Rahasia and return with his father. Reward is 450xp and 1000 Credits (or 2000 if you Persuaded Matale for more earlier)

Major Dark Side Points: Antagonize everyone until people start shooting and killing each other. 300xp

You'll have to return to the Jedi Council and tell them what happened when you're done here too. If you convinced everyone to kill each other you'll get even more Dark Side Points for lying to the Jedi Council about your involvement. You're able to lie to every council member for +2 or +3 Dark Side Points along with the +12 you get for starting the blood bath. If you'd like to see all the conversation options that get you Dark Side Points check the Kotor 1 wikia here.