Murder Investigation Side Quest - Dantooine (Kotor 1)

Murder Investigation Side Quest

Start Location: Grove
Cut Off Point: Leviathan (after finding 4 Star Maps)
Reward: 1310xp if you solve the case (both found guilty); 470xp if you find one guilty or 570xp if you accuse both but only find one guilty

This Side Quest begins when you approach Bolook in the Grove portion of Dantooine. You can find Bolook in the center of the zone standing on a bridge; use my map screenshot below for additional guidance. For this quest you will need to interview the 3 NPCs with Bolook to figure out who is responsible for the murder.

Important: Once you approach Bolook you will not be able to leave this area until you either complete the quest or give up. I strongly recommend you complete this quest on every playthrough since it gives a lot of EXP, skip all of the dialogue if you'd like to speed things up.

Bolooks Map Location in The Grove

Basically how this quest works is pretty straight forward, there will be a round of questioning the suspects and/or the droid then you'll have to return to Bolook and tell him the correct dialogue options to advance the quest forward. If you give Bolook the right dialogue options then you will advance to the next round of questioning and more dialogue options will appear.

I've included a list below of all 4 rounds of questioning that you need to do and what you need to tell Bolook in order to advance the quest forward.

1. Speak with everyone including the droid then tell Bolook that Rickard was lying. He said there was a sun glare that got in his eyes but it was cloudy out.

2. Talk with Rickard and Handon and go through all of their dialogue options. Then go to the droid and ask him specifically about the relationships between the victim and suspects. You can now accuse Rickard of lying again if you talk to Bolook, since the droid told you that he had a business relationship with Calder. Alternatively, ask the droid about Calder and Handon. Then speak with Handon and tell him he knew Calder better than he admits; he'll tell you that his wife was cheating on him with Calder which gives him motive for the murder -- tell this to Bolook.

3. Question Handon about the blaster at the scene then ask the droid to check archives to find if Handon ever reported the blaster stolen. Tell Bolook that Handon lied about the blaster being stolen and you'll advance to the final part.

4. Talk to the droid about the blood sample and then tell Bolook about it. You can accuse either person of lying (Hanson is the right one), when Bolook asks why tell him about their injury. Bolook will search both of them for injuries, Hanson has the one that is bleeding. When Bolook asks you who is guilty tell him both parties for the max reward. If you accuse just one you'll get half of the reward.