Elise's Lover Side Quest - Dantooine (Kotor 1)

Elises Lover Quest Start

Start Location: Courtyard
Cut Off Point: Leviathan (after finding 4 Star Maps)
Reward: 150xp and Dark Side Points if you lie to Elise or trick her

This Side Quest begins by speaking with Elise who is found outside the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. She'll ask you to find her companion who has recently gone missing and return them to her. The companion that Elise is looking for is actually a droid and you'll find the droid in the eastern most portion of the Sandral Grounds (pictured below).

When you first arrive on the scene you'll find the droid under attack from a pack of Kath Hounds. If you take too long to intervene or don't stop the Kath Hounds from attacking the droid in time they will destroy the droid and you'll have to return to Elise with the bad news of your failure.

Clearing the Kath Hounds and speaking to the droid will give you a couple of options to choose from...

1. Tell the droid to return to Elise
2. Destroy the droid and tell Elise what happened
3. Destroy the droid and tell Elise you did not find him (Dark Side Points)
4. Tell the droid you'll destroy him and then lie to Elise that you never found him (Dark Side Points)

If you are looking to maximize your Dark Side Points then you'll want to tell the droid that you'll destroy him but that you plan to lie to Elise. Then when you return to Elise, hold true to your word and lie to her and you'll get Dark Side Points for both of these actions.

Destroying the droid and telling Elise what happened will cause her to run off back to the Jedi Enclave before you get any reward. You can find Elise in the northern most portion of the Jedi Enclave in one of the 3 rooms, speak with her to complete this quest and receive an additional 150xp.

Elises Droid Map Location