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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 61 - 70

This page covers Discovery Locations 61 - 70; some of which are exclusive to Skies of Arcadia: Legends. The Dreamcast version of the game only goes up to Discovery Location #64 and that's it. Legends continues all the way to Discovery Location #89.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.


61th Discovery Location - Valuan Wreckage

Valuan Wreckage Discovery LocationValuan Wreckage Map Location

Super easy Discovery Location! You'll find the Valuan Wreckage just south of the cylindrical white rift tunnel nearby Nasrad/Maramba. Drop down into Lower Sky and turn to the southwest and you'll very quickly spot a small island. The Valuan Wreckage is on this island.


62th Discovery Location - Rabbats

Rabbats Discovery LocationRabbats Discovery Map Location

You'll find this Discovery Location just north of the Dancing Lights which are Discovery Location #54. If you start at the Dancing Lights and travel directly north while pressing the A button you should find this location in no time at all. Those of you who haven't already obtained the Dancing Lights I recommend that you do so first as they're super easy.


63th Discovery Location - Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit Discovery LocationBottomless Pit Discovery Map Location

To find this discovery start at Shrine Isle and head almost directly west (very slightly north) in Lower Sky. After passing through both of the white rifts you'll come across this location. If anyone still needs some assistance just use my map location for extra guidance.


64th Discovery Location - Ancient Fish

Ancient Fish Discovery Map LocationAncient Fish Discovery Location

The Ancient Fish is found near the Giant Squid's Nest Discovery Location (#35). Start directly below this Discovery Location in Lower Sky and travel directly west. You'll see a blue fish swimming around the floor which is what we're going to discover.


65th Discovery Location - Star Sand

Star Sand Discovery LocationStar Sand Discovery Map Location

Star Sand is found nearby the Maroon Isle Discovery Location (#66). Alongside the mountain range to the south of Maramba you'll find the Star Sand nearby the bottom of the mountain and the sand. Make sure you fly down low with your ship close to the sandy surface to make the discovery.


66th Discovery Location - Maroon Isle

Maroon Isle Discovery LocationMaroon Isle Discovery Map Location

Unlike the Star Sand discovery location Maroon Isle is up in the sky. From the Star Sand location you'll want to raise your ships altitude almost as high as it can go. After you do that fly southwest while pressing the A button. You'll discover the Maroon Isle fairly quickly.


67th Discovery Location - Comma Rock

Comma Rock Discovery LocationComma Rock Discovery Map Pathing Location

This Discovery Location is a royal pain in the arse to get if you try early on in the game since Comma Rock floats around South Ocean in the strong gusty winds that we took to Ixa'taka territory. The easiest way for you to obtain this Discovery Location is to wait until later in the game and fly up into Upper Sky and use your D-Pad to adjust your camera view so that you're looking down into the gusty wind tunnel.

The winds won't blow you around up here which makes things much easier. Fly around Upper Sky looking down until you spot a small little rock twirling around through the sky. It's pretty hard to miss up here since it's the only rock moving in this whole area and the bad boy is literally bookin it. It's hard to catch the rock once you spot it.


68th Discovery Location - Turtula Pole

Turtula Pole Discovery LocationTurtula Pole Discovery Map Location

From Horteka you'll want to travel directly west until you come across an island that borders the stone reef. The Turtula Pole is found on the southern most portion of the island, just south of the smaller forest covered plateau. All in all this is a pretty easy discovery for you to find.


69th Discovery Location - Wings of Gold

Wings of Gold Discovery Location

The easiest way to get this Discovery is to enter Rixis and then exit - this will do a soft reset on the location of most flying objects.

After you exit Rixis fly immediately north until you find a ledge with the large iron gate in view. Take a look at my screen shot to see exactly where I am talking about. The Wings of Gold will fly by you within a few seconds if you just left Rixis before coming here. Otherwise you'll have to wait 5+ minutes for it to circle around back to this location.

However, as you see in my screen shot - it does fly right by here just make sure to exit Rixis before coming here or you're going to be waiting awhile.

Wings of Gold Discovery Map Pathing Location


70th Discovery Location - Giant's Hammer

Giants Hammer Discovery LocationGiants Hammer Discovery Map Location

Giant's Hammer is a Discovery Location that's found directly northeast of the Will o' Wisps Discovery Location #20. Flying northeast from the Will o' Wisps will run you into a greenish/gray island which on the Northeastern end of that island you'll find the Giant's Hammer.


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