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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 51 - 60

This page covers the Discovery Locations 51 - 60. A majority of these discoveries take place in either Upper or Lower Sky and will only become available to you once you can travel to both of these locations. Shortly after you complete the Ruins of Ice (Glacia) is when you can find the locations in Upper/Lower Sky.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.


51st Discovery Location - Iron Star

Iron Star Discovery LocationIron Star Discovery Map Location

This is a super easy one! All you need to do is travel to Nasrad and position yourself ontop of it. Raise your ships altitude so that you come to Upper Sky and then turn east/northeast. You'll spot a floating red object that looks almost like a satellite. Fly over to it and inspect it for completion.


52th Discovery Location - Alupas

Alupas Discovery LocationAlupas Discovery Map Location

For this Discovery Location what you'll want to do is head on over to Rixis in Ixa'taka territory and raise your ships altitude into Upper Sky. After doing so travel south until you reach the island with a waterfall on it, this is where you'll find the Alupas Discovery Location.


53th Discovery Location - Observatory

Observatory Discovery LocationObservatory Discovery Map Location

You find the Observatory Discovery Location in almost the same place as you do the previous discovery, Alupas. What you'll want to do is raise your ships altitude up so that you're in Upper Sky. From there fly southwest a little bit until you're ontop of one of the plateaus. You'll find the Observatory here.


54th Discovery Location - Dancing Lights

Dancing Lights Discovery LocationDancing Lights Discovery Map Location

Travel to Nasrad and lower your ships altitude to Lower Sky. Face directly northwest and fly straight until you see two lights dancing in the distance. It'll look just like the Will o' Wisps Discovery Location earlier in the game. Pretty easy to spot even at a distance.


55th Discovery Location - The Mother Tree

The Mother Tree Discovery LocationThe Mother Tree Discovery Map Location

This one's another fairly easy one for you to grab. What you'll want to do is travel directly south from Tenkou Island and you'll see a small little island in the distance. Ontop of this island is where you will discover The Mother Tree, just hit A once ontop of it.


56th Discovery Location - The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship Discovery LocationThe Ghost Ship Discovery Map Location

The Ghost Ship is one of the more difficult discoveries for you to find due to the fact that it has such a large path that it patrols. You'll find this discovery flying a huge rectangle around The Dark Rift very similar to Discovery Location #85 in Lower Sky. There are two ways for you to easily locate The Ghost Ship.

First of which is to wait at either Esperanza or Inverse Isle for the Ghost Ship to fly on by overhead. It'll probably be a five to ten minute wait or so but it definitely flies over both of these areas. The alternative method is to zone into Esperanza and save your game, reset it and then leave Esperanza and fly directly southwest. Where the white and dark rift cross over you'll find the Ghost Ship sailing east.


57th Discovery Location - Flutterflies

Flutterflies Discovery LocationFlutterflies Discovery Map Location After Restart

This one is another one that roams around in Upper Sky and can be a bit of a pain in the butt to get. If you'd like to just sit in one location and wait for it I recommend that you do so above Discovery Location #61 Valuan Wreckage. The Flutterflies make a turn in this area so they spend a decent amount of time in view around here.

Those of you not wanting to waste so much time sitting around - you can use the restart game trick to find these guys pretty quick. What you'll want to do is save ontop of Gordo's Bistro and reset your console. Load up your save file and once you're back in game fly immediately southwest. You'll see a green moon rising shortly after you start your flight, once you do you'll want to cut a little bit to the east and you should see the Flutterflies.

Above is the screen shot map location of where I found these Flutterflies (and where all locations online are talking about, after saving at Gordo's Bistro and restarting). If you'd prefer to hunt around for the Flutterflies instead of doing this trick use the map location below to judge their path.

Flutterflies Pathing Route Map Location


58th Discovery Location - Eclipse Point

Eclipse Point Discovery LocationEclipse Point Discovery Map Location

This one is not your typical discovery - there's only a very small area that you can make this discovery and it doesn't make any objects appear in the overworld. Eclipse Point is found in the center area of Looper territory nearby where the large Looper enemy flies around.

Easiest way to reach it is to fly directly north from Loopers' Nest until the sky turns black, that's where you make the discovery. Use my map for additional guidance.


59th Discovery Location - Loopers' Nest

Loopers Nest Discovery LocationLoopers Nest Discovery Map Location

Loopers' Nest is a pretty easy discovery to make. Inside the Looper territory along the southern edge you'll find a small rocky island floating there. On the southern end of that island is where you will find the Loopers' Nest.


60th Discovery Location - Flying Machine

Flying Machine Discovery LocationFlying Machine Discovery Map Location

Fairly easy, head on over to Shrine Island (one of the first two islands we started out with exploring) and drop down below it into Lower Sky. After you do this turn your ship south and you should see a small island floating in the distance. The Flying Machine Discovery Location is found on this island.


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