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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 31 - 40

This page contains Discovery Locations 31 - 40 which span a fairly large portion of the game. They start around Ice Ruins/Glacia, go through The Dark Rift and finally the majority of the final discoveries take place around Yafutoma.

There's too many other new discoveries added in Skies of Arcadia Legends to even count throughout all of these areas so I will just have to let you decipher it yourself. Keep in mind that this is also the last full set of discoveries that you can find before you fully upgrade your ship and can fly anywhere in the game.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.



31th Discovery Location - Icebird

Ice Bird Discovery LocationIce Bird Discovery Map Location

You can find the Icebird Discovery Location by traveling directly west from Glacia until you reach the top of the mountain peaks. From there you'll want to adjust your course west/northwest and travel slowly, closely to the ice floor spamming A as you go. Around the same location you see me at in the screen shots above you'll discover the Icebird.



32th Discovery Location - The Frozen Giant

Frozen Giant Discovery LocationFrozen Giant Discovery Map Location

The Frozen Giant Discovery Location is found on the northern edge of the Lands of Ice continent. It's a large glacier that looks like a giant ice cube which has a large creature frozen inside of it. The easiest way for you to discover this location is to head to the northeastern end of the Lands of Ice continent and follow the edge of it while mashing A.

You'll need to be at an extremely low altitude in order to trigger this Discovery Location. Make sure you fly below ground level alongside the edge of the icy island.


33th Discovery Location - Aurora

Aurora Discovery Map Location

This location is automatically discovered when you fly through it. It's in the central portion of the Lands of Ice and it looks like a bunch of sparkling/shining light up in the sky. Over all it's extremely easy for you to find.


34th Discovery Location - Blimp Wreck

Blimp Wreck Discovery LocationBlimp Wreck Discovery Map Location

The Blimp Wreck is found just outside the entrance of The Dark Rift which is in the southeastern portion of Mid Sky just south of Esperanza. While you're floating around at The Dark Rift's entrance turn to the west and you'll find a small island floating nearby. The Blimp Wreck is found ontop of this.


35th Discovery Location - Giant Squid Nest

Giant Squid Nest Discovery Map LocationGiant Squid Nest Discovery

The Giant Squid Nest can be found by traveling north from Daccat's Island to until you pop out on the bottom portion of the map. Down here you'll want to look for a large island with a small crater on it. Right in the middle of this crater is where you'll want to mash the A button to make this discovery.


36th Discovery Location - Black Moon Stone

Black Moon Stone Discovery LocationBlack Moon Stone Portal to it

The Black Moon Stone is found inside the Dark Rift about half way through the dungeon. There's no map of inside the Dark Rift which makes it harder to give you directions to the Black Moon Stone - luckily though I think I have a fairly decent solution.

Just before you reach the room that contains the Black Moon Stone (screen shot on the left above) you'll travel through the portal that's shown in the screen shot on the right.


37th Discovery Location - Yafutoma

Yafutoma Discovery Location

You'll get this discovery after you find Yafutoma for the first time. It's impossible for you to miss.



38th Discovery Location - Uguisu's Nest

Uguisus Nest Discovery LocationUguisus Nest Discovery Map Location

From the Dark Rifts exit (very far south of Yafutoma) travel east/northeast until the sky changes from red to blue. In this area there'll be a whole bunch of mini rocks floating around, fly over the ones nearby where it shows my location on the map above and spam the A button.


39th Discovery Location - Guardian Walls

Guardian Walls Discovery LocationGuardian Walls Discovery Map Location

For this Discovery Location all you need to do is press A while flying over one of the walls surrounding Yafutoma. It's almost impossible to miss!


40th Discovery Location - Wanderbirds

Wanderbirds Discovery LocationWanderbirds Discovery Map Location

Wanderbirds Discovery Look

The Wanderbirds are found just north of Mount Kazai and the Guardian Walls. While they may be rather easy to find they're extremely difficult to see as they're small white birds flying around in the sky. In my screen shots above the one that's not zoomed in you can just barely see them - you have to be really close to the sky ceiling to even have a chance of spotting them.

One of the easiest ways to get these birds is to zone into Mount Kazai, exit, then immediately travel to the north towards the Guardian Walls. The Wanderbirds will be a little to the west. If you're still having trouble use my screen shots above for some extra guidance.


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