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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 11 - 20

This page covers Discoveries 11 - 20 all of which are found around the Ixa'takan territory or while on your way to it. Some of these discoveries are when things start to get really hard and annoying. In particular what I am talking about is the strong winds that lead to Ixa'taka territory. The Sky Anemone just below takes place in this area as does Discovery #10.

Note that there are some Discoveries added into Skies of Arcadia Legends that take place in Ixa'taka territory. One example would be #69 The Wings of Gold discovery which is a small golden blimp with an extremely large radius to patrol.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.


Eleventh Discovery Location - Sky Anemone

Sky Anemone Discovery LocationSky Anemone Discovery Map Location

This discovery is found on top of a rock in the southern portion of South Ocean. It's at the start of the gulf stream that blows powerful wind to the East away from Ixa'taka territory. Use the screen shots that I have provided for the best guidance on reaching the location.


Twelth Discovery Location - Ixa'taka

Ixataxa Discovery Location

You automatically discover this location when visiting South Ocean for the first time. Yay! Don't you love the ones that require no work?



Thirteenth Discovery Location - Garpa Fruits

Garpa Fruits Discovery LocationGarpa Fruits Discovery Map Location

The Garpa Fruits are found under the island of Horteka along the northern side. They're definitely one of the easier ones to find, just spam A around the roots that you see and you'll find it in no time!


14th Discovery Location - The Great Bird

The Great Bird Discovery LocationThe Great Bird Discovery Map Location

From the King's Hideout travel southwest along the surface until you come across a large waterfall that's draining into the lake below. Next to the lake there'll be a large field that stands out amongst the forest around it, you'll find The Great Bird here.


15th Discovery Location - The Golden Man

The Golden Man Discovery LocationThe Golden Man Discovery Map Location

The King's Hideout is located between two large plateaus (shown in the screen shot above); The Golden Man that we're after is on the plateau to the west of the hideout. Just fly around the edges spamming A and you'll find it soon enough.


16th Discovery Location - The Gates of Rixis

Gates of Rixis Discovery LocationGates of Rixis Discovery Map Location

Note: You must first complete Moonstone Mountain to be able to discover this location.

This one is almost too difficult to explain and it's better if you just use my screen shots for guidance. It took me forever to find this place even after watching a video of how to get here. It's a little tiny stone statue that's in the foresty plateau area of northern Ixa'taka territory. It's visible without you even having to discover it so just look for the gray stone thing you see in my screen shot above.


17th Discovery Location - Ixa'takan Palace

Ixatakan Palace Discovery LocationIxatakan Palace Discovery Map Location

To discover this location head on over to the King's Palace and get directly under it. Travel along the surface in a southwestern direction and spam A while you're doing it. You'll run into the Ixa'takan Palace before you hit the water/rocks.


18th Discovery Location - Ixa'ness Village

Ixataxa Village Discovery LocationIxataxa Village Discovery Map Location

From Horteka you'll want to travel southwest until you come across the island closest to the stone reef. Almost the entire island is covered in forest except for a small portion - mash the A button while flying over this portion to discover the Ixa'ness Village.


19th Discovery Location - Mysterious Rings

Mysterious Rings Discovery LocationMysterious Rings Discovery Map Location

You can find this discovery just north of Ixa'taka territory. When you leave through the large Iron Gate to the north you'll find this discovery location a tad to the northeast. If you've already discovered the Will o' Wisps location mentioned below - the easiest way to reach this location is to just head directly south from there.


20th Discovery Location - Will o' Wisps

Will o Wisps Discovery LocationWill o Wisps Discovery Map Location

If you travel directly north from the Iron Gate out of Ixa'taka territory you'll spot this island to the north/northeast. It's a lone floating island with a forested patch on top of it, pretty hard to miss. Fly around the forest and spam A to discover the Will o' Wisps.


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