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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 21 - 30

This page covers Discoveries 21 - 30 which are all found at about the mid point of the game, around the time you visit Value and get the Delphinus. That is of course assuming you do all of these in order as the appear in game. One thing to mention too is many of the discoveries in Valuan territory are only briefly available then you can't access them again until later when you can freely travel through Valuan territory.

As with previous Discovery Locations as well, Skies of Arcadia Legends for Gamecube tosses a few new ones in such as the #73 Balloon Seed and #70 Giant's Hammer.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.


21st Discovery Location - Roc's Nest

Rocs Nest Discovery LocationRocs Nest Discovery Map Location

If you travel directly northwest from the Iron Gate through North Ocean you'll come across the island that we're looking for. It's fairly easy to locate; just look for two patches of forest on top of a small island near the location shown on my map above.

The island is close to the cloud ceiling so make sure you raise your ship up, once you locate it spam A around the clearing between the two forests to grab this Discovery Location.


22nd Discovery Location - The Giant Throne

The Giant Throne Discovery Map Location

You can find The Giant Throne atop a small floating island in the eastern portion of North Ocean. An easy way to locate this place is to start ontop of the Will o' Wisp Discovery Location. From here you'll want to travel directly easy until you reach the rock that houses this discovery.


23rd Discovery Location - Lighthouse Ruins

Lighthouse Ruins Discovery LocationLighthouse Ruins Discovery Map Location

In the northern portion of North Ocean there's a small yellowish island just before you enter Valuan territory. If you're looking at the map it's at the end of the writing that curves upwards in North Ocean. Follow the edge of this island around and spam A while doing so to discover The Lighthouse Ruins that are here.


24th Discovery Location - Ancient Palace

Ancient Palace Discovery LocationAncient Palace Discovery Map Location

The Ancient Palace is found in Valuan Territory right out in the open. To reach it you'll want to start at the Maw of Tartas and travel southwest along the surface; follow the surface until you pass a large crater which is when you'll want to start spamming the A button. You'll find The Ancient Palace inbetween the large crater and the mountains.


25th Discovery Location - Skull Rock

Skull Rock Discovery LocationSkull Rock Discovery Map Location

Skull Rock is found outside of Valuan Territory to the northeast. If you're getting these Discoveries in order as they become available during the game - you'll be able to get this discover while in control of Gilder's ship. To find Skull Rock head northwest from Crescent Isle (where you were stranded) until you reach the chain of mountains.

Follow the mountains and press A as you go to discover Skull Rock.


26th Discovery Location - Stone City

Stone City Discovery LocationStone City Discovery Map Location

The Stone City can be found just a tad bit northwest of the Maw of Tartas. It's not located in Valuan territory though - it's found on the chain of mountains that's just north of Valua territory along the border. One of the easiest ways to tell you how to reach this location (without pictures) is by traveling west from Daccat's Isle following the chain of mountains until you reach it.


27th Discovery Location - Ship Graveyard

Ship Graveyard Discovery LocationShip Graveyard Discovery Map Location

This Discovery Location is found just west/southwest of Nasrad. There is a large cyclindrical rift that is found between the chains of mountains and inside of it is where you'll find the Ship Graveyard Discovery Location. You'll need to lower your ship down to the bottom of the sky in order to discover it.


28th Discovery Location - Philosophy Stone

Philosophy Stone Discovery LocationPhilosophy Stone Discovery Map Location

You can find the Philosophy Stone just a tad bit north/northwest from the Stone City Discovery Location that we found earlier. The Philosophy Stone is found on a small rock out in the middle of nowhere so it should be fairly easy for you to locate.


29th Discovery Location - Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower Discovery LocationBalloon Flower Discovery Map Location

The Balloon Flower is a bit of a pain in the butt to locate. We're going to start at Skull Rock for this discovery too; what you're going to want to do is while you're at Skull Rock raise your ships altitude as high as it can go then begin to travel north while mashing the A button. You'll find The Balloon Flower before you encounter the rift.


30th Discovery Location - The Lands of Ice

The Lands of Ice Discovery Location

This discovery is automatically acquired when you venture into the Ice Lands.


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